Thursday, January 30, 2014

Samantha Linda Woods
Name: Samantha Linda Woods
Age: 35
Occupation: Rosehill's Academy for Girls Director of Multi Media and Tech.
Status: Divorced
Sexual Preference: Bi-Sexual
Bio: Samantha is the director of the Mulit media facility and also runs most of the computer systems in the school. Her group of students have their own on campus TV studio and Photography lab. They take care of the class pictures and Annuals and even the school newspaper E-edition. She heads up the schools web sites and even has a fashion model's club.
 The school has some very influencial donors and she has to keep them happy enough to keep donating to the school. Some of her activities are after school and mostly with the Photo/ video club. This is where her clubs make extra monies to support the purchase of new PC's and cameras. She and her club runs a after hours fashion photo shoots. The club and the staff make a nice return on selling the pictures and videos to web sites and private collectors. The girls make some money and the staff and school do too. There is not a lack of students willing to do things to help with spending money.
 She also does private shoots with the staff for certain donors. Many of the top school administraters pose nude for her to entice the donors to make bigger pledges. The big seller these past few years has been the Calander sales. One girl or administrator is featured each week showing the sensual side of the hard staff members in a way the male donors seem to enjoy year after year. Suprising enough, the issues that feature her in the nude sell so much better.
 She doesn't often pose. As you can see here she should.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

 " I swear Carly, I think your dick is getting bigger. I can almost feel it growing in my mouth." swoons April.
 " It looks much bigger than it was before, must be cause I am so fucking horny. You ready for this April?" Replies Carly. 
 "More than ever! Give me a birthday present I'll never forget!" says April as she strokes the massive member of her sister.

April bends over, her ass in the air wiggling it. Carly holds her might tool and eases it in her sister.
" Oh gawd! Be gentle! You fucking huge! Slowly! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" moans April.
" Your a tight fucking bitch arn't you? Yes that's it, so tight and so wet! I'm going to enjoy makeing you scream my name!" Sneers Carly as her thick penis slides snuggly in April's vagina.
Carly Feels April moving back into her lengthy shaft. she listens to April moan in pleasure as she fills up every inch of  April's vagina. Looking down she sees nearly half of her shaft still exposed and she is still pressing against April's cervix. April's tight vaginal walls grip her cock as it slides back and forth. This is the best pussy Carly's ever had so far. Their bodies work as one as April grips the sheets and cries out. 
April feels another huge orgasm wash through her. she has had 2 massive orgasms so far and she is trying for more. She pushes her body back into Carly. Having Carly completely filling her is heaven.
" That's it, make me your bitch! Fuck your bitch sister's pussy. Can you feel how wet I am? All my cum for you baby!" gets out as she pants.
" It's like we are ment to be together, we fit perfectly" replies Carly. " Besides you are now my  secret whore. fuck my cock!"

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

  Carly looks down watching her older sister sucking on her crank. Carly has to admit it's fucking great head. She feels the enthusiam from April, the way her lips slide down her hard shaft. Carly tries to keep her thoughts elsewhere or she might cum too soon. She's gone this far so she wants to get some pussy from April. This chance might not ever come again.
  april tries to give Carly the best blow job she's ever given. she has thoughts about getting Carly to cum in her mouth so she can swallow the jizz, but she wants that cock in her so badly. She tries to slow down some, wanting Carly to last.
 Carly lays back and begins to enjoy this. April takes Carly's massive member and takes it in her mouth. She can only suck on the last few inches due to its girth but she starts giving Carly the best head. April strokes that swollen shaft with her hand as she feels the engorged head hitting the back of her throat. She reaches up and holds onto Carly's young firm tit as she listens to the moans of pleasure. She forgets everthing but this huge cock.

Monday, January 27, 2014

"Time to put your mouth where your mind is" said Carly as she climbs on the bed with April.
 " Mmm I think I'm going to like my birthday present from you this year sis!" playfully growls April.
April looks down at the huge erect cock, looking up at her baby sister, wanting to share everything with her she lays down on the bed and begins to give Carly head....
April looks down and sees this monster prick in her hand. She thinks is well over 13 inches long. Carly
starts to moan, there is a stretching feeling in her shaft. She loks down and notices that her cock is bigger than it was before. She has no idea whats going on. She is so excited right now she can't be thinking about that now. " You like my big hard cock big sister? Your birthday gift huh..Well your going to get a real fucking." Groans Carly.
" I fucking love your dick Carly! mmmm and your totally hard for me! You want to fuck me don't you? You want to put this monster in my sweet wet tight pussy huh?" asked April...
April watches as Carly's phallus grows ever longer and thicker. " Holy Fuck your getting big" remarks April.
 " That's right bitch, you wanted a big cock for your birthday, well your going to get one" grins Carly. Carly's cock is now about 10 inches and still not even fully hard yet....
April kneels down taking Carly's huge flaccid cock in her hand. Carly reaches down holding April's chin.
" If your sure about this, once I get hard...I'm not going to stop sis" notes Carly.
 In reply April begins to stroke Carly's cock. Even limp she is a noteworthy size. She can't wait to see how big her baby sister is. Carly begins to feel that strange feeling in her dick again.
 As April slowly strokes her dick it feels like it wants to stretch. It's a pleasureful pain. Carly's cock begins to grow erect.
 " You like this baby? This feel good?" teases April.
 " Oh fuck yes, Oh gawd April I want this." moans Carly.
April smiles as Carly grows hard in her hand.....
April turns and starts to unzip Carly's pants. She sees that cock outline. " I've never seen you hard before, this is fucking turning me on. I'm already fucking soaking wet." giggles April.
 " You know I don't have any condoms with me. What if.." states Carly. Her breathing quickens as April takes her pants off. She wants this as much as April does.
 " Just pull out baby, don't cum inside me and we will be fine. You want this? You want to fuck me?" asked April. As April pulls her pants down and her cock comes free, she hears a gasp. Carly reaches over and unzips Aprils dress....

April turns to Carly and grabbing her cock through the pants. " This is what I want for my birthday. I want
your huge cock in me, I want you to fuck me!" stated April.
 " Are you serious? your my sister, we can do that" replies Carly. Yet Carly doesn't stop April from rubbing her. Carly's protest was ment to have little affect.
 " You have never thought about fucking me ever?" asked April.
 " Well, yes...but what would mom and dad say?" retorted Carly.
 " Who's asking them? They never have to know. I know you want to, your cock is telling yes." grins April.
 Carly's cock is indeed getting hard. She can't resist, she horny as fuck right now and she sees a hot piece of pussy right here willing. In reply, she leans over and kisses April, the two sisters tongue kiss as April lifts up Carly's sweater....

Friday, January 24, 2014

 Finally home, April has to lean on Carly for support. April feels that warm body, the perfume on Carly's neck, she can't resist any longer and reaches up and fondles her baby sisters breasts. Carly leans over kissing April's forehead while she feels April's hand gently rubbing her tits. April's fingers begin to play with and pinch her hard nipples through her sweater. Why is she enjoying this so much? This is wrong! The pain in her crotch is still there, yet her body is on fire. She can't think straight anymore. Things have turned into a blur.
 " You remember telling me if I wanted something for my birthday, anything, that all I have to do is ask?" Moaned April.
 " Yes of course, What can I get you sweetie?" asked Carly.....
 Carly smiles to herself as Aprils hand slides right over her cock. Feeling April's hand begin to massage the bulge. Carly feels a stretching pain in her dick. The pleasure of that hand on her stimulates her so much that she can't hide the face from April she's getting erect.
 April rubs on Carly's bulge hopeing she won't be looked at like a prevert. She hears Carly moan and OMG she's getting hard! OH heavens she's BIG. Her fingers stroking lightly seeing Carly enjoying it. Seeing that grin on Carly's face tells her she's in the clear to do this. She slowly runs her fingers the length of the bulge, back and forth...Where the Fuck is the taxi?
 April looks over, now seeing Carly in a different way. Her eyes appraise her little sisters figure, knowing whats hidden in her tight pants. Her body reacts to the new thinking. Tingling fills her loins, a fire builds inside her. She thinks Carly is feeling similar cause she is getting looked at too. Now it seems she can't resist her baby sister. Something is attracting her, pulling her in.
 Carly feels her sister's eyes on her. She likes it, being looked at like a piece of meat. Her whole body tingles and she feels so powerful at this moment. She also looks at April as a sexual conquest. What the fuck is she thinking? She can't possibly do that. April would think she is some sort of pervert. She might even kick her out of the apartment. Oh lord, she is thinking about fucking her sister, she's sick! When she feels April"s hand on her thigh she freezes. When is slips to her inner thigh she moans softly willing that hand to feel her penis....

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The bartender talks with her brother and he tells her not to use the drugs and to destroy them, he would give her the other ones later. He tells her that they discovered strange side-effects in certain groups of people. He tells her that the affects last longer than it should and it depends on the  person as to what the effects are. It was also known to alter a woman's vagina or even a man's penis. The sensitivy increases so that it takes very little to orgasm, but the orgasms are so intense it often takes everything out of a person. Lastly NEVER give it to a transexual taking hormone therpy. When Estrogen and Testostorone mix it can alter a persons brain and body chemistry. The person begins to exsude pheromones that affect others in the close proxcimity. When mixed with booze few people can resist and even the normal family relations can be overlooked.
 "OMG is there any cures to that? How long does it last?" askes the bartender.
 " they seem to be perment as far as we can tell" replies her brother. " Please tell me you didn't give it to anybody!"
 " No, of course not" she replies.
It's April Green's birthday. She and her little sister Carly head out to the local pub to grab some drinks. The girls have been drinking wine and shots all night and are getting more than a bit drunk. It's getting near closing time and there is only one other patron in the bar along with the bartender. They are getting ready to head home they are just waiting on the taxi.
 This is not an ordinary drunking haze they are working on. They don't know it, but the bartender's brother is a pharmaceutical reasearcher at a big drug company. He has been giving his sister some experimental drugs ment to lower inhabitions and stimulate the sexual organs and intensify a person's orgasms. They have worked great in the past. This time he gave her some more powerful ones, but told her not to take them yet till he got back some research papers on the side effects. She decided to give the drugs to the girls as a birthday gift wanting them to get laid tonight, but alas the bar was slow and few patrons came in.
 The drug's effects increased when used with booze. The Green's have been drinking all day and the effects seem to be taking affect. They are all giggling and happy. Then the bartender's cell phone rings.....
  " We should be getting home" slurs April.
 "I called a taxi, it will be here shortly." replies Carly in just a little less of a slurred manner. "If there is anything I can get you for your birthday just ask, Sis."
 April looks at her sister in a very different way. Really noticing how cute she is. She feels a strange euphoria and a desire to be near Carly. Her heart begins to pound in her chest and she feels tingling all over her body....
 This series is called Carly's Beginnings. We are going to follow the exploites of Carly Green as she starts to move into the world. Carly's only now realizing what a burden it is to be blessed with such a phallus. I hope you enjoy her life as much as I do and we can discover it together. We will be meeting her friends as we go along. She's a very friendly dickgirl.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Name: April Marie Green
Age: 25
Occupation: Bartender/Model
Siblings: Carly Green
Bio: April is the older sister of Carly Green. She loves her younger sister and wants to protect her from others who might not like her having a penis. She watched her while in school together and now shes on her own. She moved out of their parents home in a small town to the big city. She graduated from the university 3 years ago and has held many jobs as she looks for the right opportunity. She currently works at a pub near the campus.
 She and Carly have been as close as sisters can be. they share everything together, private details out their lives. She was seeing a guy for several years. This man looked like the man she might marry, but when she began to talk about marriage he dumped her for another man. He turned out to be gay and the couple never even had sex in the 2 years they were going out.
 April struggles to pay bills and have extra money left over each month. Times are tight and she struggles to make an extra dollar. April is at the point where she might do nearly anthing for money.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

     Carly wanted this close up in the blog so here it is.                                  

Friday, January 17, 2014

Name: Carly Elizabeth Green
Age: 22
Sibling: April Marie Green
Occupation: Student/Student teacher/model
Sexual preference: females
Bio: Carly was born a heraphrodite and was born with the  name Carl Green. She was gifted even at birth with an above average size penis. Her virgina was unusually small so the doctors thought she'd grow up masuline. When she entered puberty she developed very femine. At that time her parents gave her the choice of corretive surgery or living with the oddity. She choose to be accepted as she is, besides she knew she possessed a gifted penis. She knew she'd be bigger than most of the boys out there. She was never confused with her gender,more than can be said about the schools she attended.
 Carly was home schooled for several years till she begged to attend high school. The school had to accomadate her unusual condition. She had to attend P.E. classes either before school or after. Only when the P.E. teacher was unavailable did she have to attend normal classes. She changed and showered in the teacher's office. She was not shy about her condition, in fact, she rather liked the attention. It was the school administrators that had a hard time deciding if she was male or female. She was placed in the girl's locker room but was forced to wear bicycle pants to help hide her penis. The school was prevented from asking Carly about her sexual preferences. She was, in fact, attracted to other girls. Being in the girls locker room, seeing them naked and showering gave her a thrill she would not forget. She loved high school. Carly has always been attracted to other females.
  Carly and her sister April were inseparable as girls and still even grown they can't be found not talking on the phone or texting one another all day. When April graduated and moved off Carly had to wait til she graduated to follow. Carly was accepted at the State University near where April moved to. Carly is now in her final year of study. She planes on getting her teaching degree and teaching at a high school.
 Carly now is a student teacher in her final year of study. She was placed at Rose Hill's Academy For Girls. This academy is in a extremely rich suburb. It is a school for weathly yet troubled teens. The plush surounding and buildings make being there very pleasant. Carly teaches several subjects, supervised by the administrators. Since she is only a student teacher she is also required to staff the detention room.
 Carly hopes to be hired at this academy after she graduates it pays extremely well. She makes a small stipend now and she can barely afford to cover her expensives. So she moved in with her sister, which was good for both girls. They now share everything together.
 Carly also aspires to become a model. Due the her dick she has not been able to get any agent to even look at her twice.  They can't hardly hide a 9 inch flaccid cock stuffed in a tiny thong. She is well over 14 inches long. Being this big she is now finding it hard to find sexual partners, once they see her erect size they get scared. Many can't seem to handle her size, so she often just gets a handjob and if she's lucky a blowjob.
 Carly was tipped off to a adult web site that features unusual sexual vices. They break all taboo and that made Carly interested. She figures adult film work might pay a bit more than teaching, but she won't give up her current job. She hopes to do both. Her Bio photo was one her sister took of her to send in to the agency running the adult actors.  Carly is not shy about being naked infront of her sister.  They have a close relationship. They have shared everything together...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

  Just a little update, Carly got an update so she looks much better I think. I was working on a little comic strip about Carly's life. It seems now I have to reshoot nearly all of what I had done. I want to new version not the old one. I do have all the scenes alrady done so I just have to insert the new Carly. I think your going to like it. 
  I've got Bio's and some Bio pictures coming soon, well as soon as the rendering finishes. I don't have the monster machines to produce frames quickly. LuxRender takes a LOT of time to complete. I'm chugging away at it and some frames will appear here soon. I'll be posting a few on Deviant Art as well, but the complete works will be posted on my blog. 
 I'm just a hobbiest so I do it in my spare time cause I work 40+ hours a week. I an not a professional but I aspire to the heights of Artists like Epoch and Blackadder to name a couple.
 I hope to be able to make a couple render machine dedicated to Lux soon...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

This is Misty Moon. She's a new actress in my soon to be posted comic series. She will have some parts in it. It is starring Carly Green the sexy dick girl and her new life away from home and in college. She lives with her sister April Green. Carly is studying to be a teacher, and has a job as a student teacher at Mistress Sonja's Academy for Girls. Misty is a student there, being a more or less a reform school for troubled girls she tends to need a bit of counseling.
 More to come on that soon.