Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Trip to the Dean's Office 3

Stacy lays on the rug and pulls Bonnie  on her face. She begins to lick her wet swollen pussy. Her juices begin to trickle down Stacy's cheeks as she rides her face. Reaching down she begins to rub her own pulsing clit. Dean Feldman loves the smell of this young pussy, so eager to be pleasured. 
Becky feeling a bit left out stands next to Bonnie and pushes her cock into her sisters face. 
Becky holds the base of her cock and guides it to Bonnie's mouth. Bonnie being a good sister, begins to suck on it. Sucking on it getting her sister hard as she cries out from her own pleasure. Dean feldman knows her way around a pussy for sure. Bonnie feels her first orgasm as Becky forces her penis in her mouth. 
Bonnie soon stands and retrieves the chair and Dean Feldman sits back into it opening her legs. Her face is covered in Bonnie's orgasmic juices. Becky moves in to have her turn at Dean Feldman. Her cock rock hard from her sisters special attention. Becky holds Dean Feldman's legs open as she slides herself in. She slides in so easily, Dean Feldman is so wet and so very tight!
Stacy leans back as this cock wielding girl penetrates her. She can't help but moan as that big thick dick fills her for the first time in years. Her ex husband was not even close to being this big. As Becky holds her legs open and thrusts she lets loose and feels that tremendous orgasm wash over her. Oh Lord it's been too long she thinks.
" Fuck me hard you little dirty bitch! If your going to stay you had better fuck me like you have fucked no other! Use that huge cock of yours to keep your sister and you in this school!" growled Stacy.
More to come....

Samantha's Sister Kahlan poses for us

Kahlan Justine Amnell

Name: Kahlan Justine Amnell
Age: 21
Occupation: Bartender, Aspiring Model
Sexual Preference: Straight
Bio: Kahlan is related to our very own Samantha Woods. Kahlan is her younger sister. Kahlan was always the one for chasing the boys. After Samantha married and moved away she was still in her growing phase. She had yet to develop into the stunning girl we see now. 
  Samantha invited Kahlan to come live with her. Kahlan eagerly accepted wanting to move out of her parents house and get on her own. Kahlan took a job at the local bikini bar as a bartender. She makes the most tips out of all the waitresses each night. 
 Kahlan loves to flirt and have a great time with the men. She has become very popular in the short time she has been there. Kahlan has yet to become involed with any men here. The economy in the area has been on the rise for almost a year now. There is plenty of disposable income to be had at the bar. Kahlan is saving quite a bit of money to get her own place. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Trip to the Dean's Office 2

  Stacy feels her blouse open and hands on her breasts. She turns her head and starts kissing Bonnie. this little girl is fucking amazing. Her sister Becky plays with her nipples, how she know she's super sensitive. She moans louder. Bonnie keeps her hand on Becky's tit. Like she would sstop touching it. they are young and perky and firm. 

Bonnie pushes Dean Feldman's chair back and reaches up and removes her skirt and panties. Becky finishes removing her blouse. Bonnie has her own school uniform off in a blink. While Becky's skirt drops limp to the floor. Stacy Feldman reaches over and takes a handful of Becky's cock. Slowly she begins to play with it. She spreads her legs for what she wants right now. Bonnie moves in and slowly begins to eat Dean Feldman's wet pussy. 
 Bonnie sucks on those swollen lips, flicking that growing clit with her tongue. She smells that sweet musky scent of Dean Feldman's snatch. It is so fucking wet, fuck she is so enjoying this. Making the Dean squirm in her chair. Dean Feldman only half heartedly strokes Becky as she is fulling into this student eating her pussy.
 After only a few minutes Stacy cries out racked with her first orgasm in years! Her whole body is alight with tingling. Like a good little girl Bonnie licks up all the mess, yet she doesn't stop there. She keeps going taking Dean Feldman into a new level of pleasure.
More to come...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Trip to the Dean's Office 1

A Trip to the Dean's Office
"Ok Girls, This is the fifth time you have been sent in here to see me this semester and it's only the second month! You girls are becoming a handful to manage. My God Becky, your nipples are showing! " Noted Dean Feldman. "I know it's an all girls school and we are very lenient on the choise of your school uniform style. 
 We don't mind girls not wearing bras or even panties, but your top is pushing the limits. Your young perky tits are nearly completely exposed. We allow the juniors and seniors to express their individual tastes while the underclassmen have to wear the white tops. Please don't make us regret that policy. 
 As to why your here, it seems you were caught again doing lewd acts with the underclassmen again. You two have to control your sexual urges! You can't seduce the younger girls into threesomes. Now what can you two do to keep me from expelling the both of you?"
 Both girls actually fear for their future here for the first time. They usually just blow off the threats as just threats. This time it's different. They heard from a lower classmen working in the front office that Dean Feldman was talking to another school in the possiblities of transfering the girls. They like it here, they have found a family here. This time they are actually scared. 
 Bonnie can't help but admire Mrs. Feldman's huge bust. She knows those are the biggest breasts in the academy. She can't help but wonder if they are natural or implants. The rumors around school is they are all real. She is amazed at thier firmness. Mrs. Feldman has a daughter attending the academy too. Even after a child they are still that perfect. Shit her mind wanders to the same place that gets them in trouble. 
 Did she just ask us if there is ANYTHING we can do to keep her from expelling us? Oh gawd No! I can't...We Can't...Can we? Is that what she ment? Can she possibly want my sister's cock? 
 With little thought, Bonnie slips in behind Mrs. Feldman as she reprimanded Becky. Bonnie slide her arms around the Dean and began kissing her neck so slowly. One hand slipping around to cup one of those magnifianct mammories. Oh Gawd yes! they are so real. The other hand casually lifts Stacy's hand up and places it on her sisters breast after she lifted her top.
 Stacy moans and doesn't resist other than some weak protests. Feeling those lips on her neck is her weak spot. Feeling those young firm tits of Becky's turns her on. Being felt up as well makes her own nipples hard. She knows this is wrong but she wants this. She had secretly hoped for this. Giving the girls the opening she had preyed they'd take and they did.
More to come....

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lily and Carly Get Together

In the Spa
 Lily met Carly back before school started. Lily needed to get Carly to fill out some forms for her student teacher's position. Having clicked instantly, hitting it off, the girls exchanged cell numbers. Carly ended up spending 3 hours in Lily's office talking when it should have been 10 mins. The girls lose track of time when they are together. 
 Lily has never felt this way towards anybody before. She dated a few guys in college but they never really interested her. she even let one guy she dated for a few weeks steal her virginity. A total waste of a good first sexual experience. The guy orgasmed in less than 2 mins and just grabbed his pants and walked out leaving Lily to begin loathing men. 
 Lily dated a few other women and found she rather liked being with them. Deep down she realized she must be Bisexual. She still longed for a cock pounding her. Many of her girlfriends used strap on's  and she liked it. Alas none of her girlfriends lasted. She returned back to Rose Hills Academy and took a job offer for her law skills. 
 When Carly entered the room that fateful day, she felt something hit her deep inside. As she interviewed her and gave her the forms she couldn't believe she couldn't stop talking to her. She was never one for long talks, she is normally quiet and reserved. Carly just brought out a need to talk. Everything they talked about interested her. Carly interested her, she wanted to just keep her in the office a bit longer. Three hours later, they exchanged cell numbers and Lily was smitten. 
 Carly on the other hand left feeling joyful. She couldn't imagine having walked in that long ago and finding this incredibly sexy blond, slim and small chested having perky nipples. She loved small breasted women and this one was educated and stunning to look at and converse with. Carly nearly died when Lily gave her that cell number. 
 It wasn't more than 2 hours later she had to use it. She was so scared Lily really was only being nice and really didn't want to be friends. To her delight Lily really was happy she called. Carly was back at her place and it was dark outside when she heard that familiar beep of her phone telling her the battery was low. Didn't she just charge it this morning? She looked at the call meter and it read 6 hours, HOLY Shit! They hardly even started to talk. 
 Lily reluctantly let Carly go that first call. She was amazed at the common interests they have. They talked on the phone everyday now. 4 or 5 times a day they chat, and  text constantly. Lily knows others are interested in Carly. She feels she needs to make her feelings clear.
 Lily and Carly go out for a quiet dinner and drinks on this Friday night. Instead of going back to Lily's place, Lily takes Carly to the school's staff spa. Its closed up but Lily has a set of keys and they go in. Carly smiles seeing a bottle of wine and two glasses next to the hot tub. Lily strips down to her skin and slips in the hot tub. Carly looks at her and Lily only smiles. Carly strips down as well. 
 Lily's eyes go to Carly huge flaccid 9 inch cock. Carly gets a bit nervous at seeing Lily's eyes on her junk. She quickly sits down next to her and pours the wine. they relax and talk enjoying a fine vintage. Carly has been wanting to be naked with Lily for weeks. They two have only kissed and gone as far as being topless together thus far. Lily seemed to be reserved so Carly never pushed further wanting not to ruin this friendship. 
 Lily wanting to take this friendship to the next level arranged this alone time. they talked in the spa for about an hour before Lily brought up what she was really after. She danced around the subject all night, but now she had to spit it out or lose the opportunity. She was like a little girl on a first date with a boy not knowing what Carly might say. 
 Lily finally told Carly about her feelings. Her desires for being together. Carly listened to this and inwardly rejoiced at finding out her feeling are being returned. Finding out your new best friend is in love with you is the best feeling since your in love with her too. The joy in Lily's eyes is unmistakable when Carly tells her she's in love with her too. 
 Carly leans over and begins kissing Lily. Not just a friendly kiss, but with ever increasing passion. She feels Lily's lips part and her tongue probing Carly's mouth. Their tongues dance together. This kiss is unlike the ones before. This has more meaning. This is now her girlfriend. 
Carly's size. She knows she going to have to give herself to Carly. She's going to need to let Carly inside her. She wants to be the best girlfriend so Carly wouldn't want any others. She desires this woman more than any other. she doesn't want to lose her to any of the other staff, knowing they all want that monster cock for themselves. Lily knows she might be to exciting in the fucking department, every guy just walked out afterwards. Is she that bad? She's scared to death she's not going to be good enough for this Cock Goddess. 
 Lily reaches down as they kiss. She takes Carly limp cock in her hand. Feeling its weight, OMG its thick even flaccid. She begins to stroke it. It feels so good in her hand. It quickly begins to grow hard. Carly moaning into her mouth. Carly's tongue going wild as the kiss intensifies. Feeling Carly getting hard turns Lily on so much.   Having had only a few cocks inside her, all small and rather boring, she feared a little about her heart pounding in her chest. She fucking wants this cock in her. She's never thought that before. A small voice in her head begs Carly not to get too big, but Carly's cock keeps growing! She knows Carly's 14 1/2 inches long but still...
 Lily couldn't imagine that big of a cock could get so hard. It's like a rock. Lily moves and straddles Carly. She nearly faints at what she's doing. Reaching down she guides Carly into her. She slowly lowers herself on Carly's impaling rod. She gasps loudly at the feeling. Its so fucking big! She slowly lets herself adjust to the girth. She's as wet as she's ever been, besides being in the hot tub. Carly leans in kissing her tiny breasts. Sucking on her nipples. She moans as she begins to ride the monster. Fuck she's never been filled like this before. 
 The two move as one. This is not a fucking, this is love making. Lily moves her hips caressing Carly's cock. The look in Carly's eyes tells her she's now her lover. The love in those eyes are returned to her. This is not like those other guys...This is so much more intense. 
 Before she knew it, Lily had the first orgasm of her life from a cock. It sent her body into a spasm. Her body was on fire. Quickly followed by a second even more intense orgasm. She heard Carly say how tight she is. Of course! that cock of her's is fucking thick as fuck!
 Her body was jelly when Carly guided her off that cock. She felt a loss when that hard dick left her. Was something wrong? What happened? She can ride this pony all night. Carly guided her to the edge. She knew and giggled to herself, position change. she hoped up on the edge and leaned back. Looking down at that monster prick, she knew she wanted it more than ever. She willingly opened her legs as Carly grasps her shaft and slips it back inside Lily's pussy. 
Carly's dream has come true. This slim sexy woman was the fuck of her life. That body, that mind those tits! She felt Lily cum a few times while riding her. She felt that vagina spasm. She was only beginning. after putting her on the lips of the hot tub she slid herself back in slowly. It was the most intense thing, watching her cock going into her new lover, no more than a lover. This was her girlfriend. Seeing those legs eagerly part for her. She had to go slow or she'd fucking cum too fast. She wanted this dream to last longer. There is no way this is real, the girl of her dreams loving her? No way, its a dream and she's going to wake up. Until then she's going to keep fucking, this feels too good to stop. Carly feels Lily once again orgasm. The way her body writhes as she cums fascinates her as well as turning her on even more.
Carly hugs Lily's thigh as Lily lifts her leg up as she turns on her side. Carly kisses her hand as Lily giggles then gasps out in an orgasm. Lily has lost count of how many times she's cum. Her body is getting weak from the near constant climaxes. Carly's big dick is rubbing all the right places. "Claim me Carly! I'm yours, your mine give me your cum." Gasps out Lily between spasms of pleasure.
Lily Rolls onto her back again as Carly gets that look on her face. Lily wraps her legs around Carly's waist pulling Carly into her harder. Carly gasps " I'm cumming baby don't hold me like this." Lily hardly hears that as she cums again with the most powerful spasms yet as she feels that hot semen being ejaculated inside her. Finally Lily relaxes totally spent and Carly pulls out and finishes her orgasm.
Carly has never cum inside anyone before. The feeling was so intense she loved it. Lily smiles as she looks down seeing some of Carly's jizz on her stomach. It's so warm, and she smiles more feeling even more goo wanting to leak out her vagina. Lily moans to herself having Carly's seed in her. She holds that baby batter in her as long as she can, quite a feat with the amount in there. 
Finally after a bit they climb out of the hot tub. "It's late, lets go back to my place its closer." suggests Lily. "I think I might be spending a lot of my nights there." replies Carly. "You better believe it my love." says Lily. Taking her hand they grab their clothes and head to the dressing room.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The New Girl in School

I thought I'd slip in a new girl in school. Meet Cindy Hurley, she's in the teachers office awaiting her needed assignments as class has already begun. I'm trying to talk her into sitting for a photo shoot. Maybe soon I'll have more of her, if you like her. Let me know. I'll get her to fill out the Bio form.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Kari's first Photo shoot.

 Be sure to check out Kari Cumming's first photoshoot. We here at Senderland studios got to peek in on her shoot. She is interested to know if you like her and want to see a bit more of her.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Little Demonic Background

An ancient demon was summoned into this realm of existence thousands of human years ago roams free. This demon is millions of years old and yearns to return to its own world. It has found humans boring and distasteful. It has learned that the females has something nice to offer and keep it satisfied. 
 The demon is best described as half male and female and is capable of successfully mating with humans. It has a odd mating cycle. It only mates once a year. Being driven by instinct to couple with a female, human ones being the best, animals ones are not to pleasurable. The demon is usually only fertile in that mating cycle. It has the ability to since the fertility and menstrual cycle of human females to gauge when it is the best time to impregnate them. When a human female is found at that point the demon will lure and seduce the victim into a sexual encounter. On occasion the human female can resist the seductions and it then becomes a forceful encounter. 
 The demon can easily overpower any human with ease. It is usually found in its normal form which is about 6 inches high and is invisible to nearly all humans. It will be seen by humans in its second form with is about 6 feet tall. Its usually seen in its slim standard form, but when it is ready to mate or is enraged it swells in size. It grows another foot or so in height and its muscles and girth grow immense. It's penis is only seen at that time growing huge and painfully big. It is hardly a easy experience when you are being fucked by this demon. 
 When it mates with a human it will always result in a pregnancy due to its selection of suitable mates. Due to the inability of humans to produce proper children for the demons tastes, it rarely hangs around to raise its offspring. It is driven to keep trying each year. The offspring are born with a tale tell defect. They are always born female and with an above average size penis. They are also born with a vagina, but its nearly always so small as not to be usable. So they are unable to bear children of their own and have to live being the sperm donors. This is why they are hard to identify, they are always mistaken for Hermaphrodites. 
 They children of this demon all have the ability to detect the blood relations of another of their siblings. After several thousand years, the family line goes pretty far back and they are all half sisters. Imagine having a half sister that is 90 years old and you are only 10, mind numbing. They also share in the sexual drive needs. Unlike the demon, which needs to mate once a year. The girls need to have sex on a frequent bases. Nearly in constant state of hornyness, they have to result to masturbation 3 to 8 times a day when entering puberty. This is the time when their dicks grow to the enormous sizes. The growth triggers the sexual stimulation's and thus the need to beat off. The average length for the demons girls ranges between 11 and 15+ inches. Once the girls pass through puberty, the sex drives remains high but not to the point of thinking about nothing else but masturbating. One other trait is the unusually large amount of semen that is produced. When the girls reach the limit to their penis growth the semen produced begins to increase 10x. A pleasurable experience, since the orgasm continues longer in order to ejaculate all the semen. The cocks bet bigger, then they began to have longer orgasms and more jizz... The children of these offspring don't seem to carry the same cock trait, except the boys who are born with above average size cocks too, nor any other signs of a demon father.
 It seems a few of the offspring have converged at the same place and same time. Carly Green was totally unaware of her real father. The Franklin twins knowing of their real father along with Kari Cummings. They all discovered one another at the school. Carly finally being convinced of the bond and relationship once everyone dropped their panties. Only Bonnie Franklin was a normal girl. It seems only one child gets the trait, but both suffered the same sexual drives. Like any half demonic siblings they began experimenting sexually with each other. I digress...On with our story....

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Carly's Lingerie Pose

I decided to update Carly's skin to a different one. I think she looks a bit better. We got her to pose for us in some sexy lingerie. Carly's becoming more comfortable posing nude. She gets praises from other teachers and students on Rose Hills Academy's campus. We finally talked her into doing more photo shoots and even some videos with some of the staff. 
She is the number one draw on the schools web site. Her downloads far exceed any other. Samantha Woods, the teacher in charge of the multimedia studies, has finally got her to agree to having sex on camera. Having just found out about her three other half sisters and her real father, she is far more comfortable about herself now. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Carly's Half Sisters

Here we have Carly's half sisters. As you can see the family trait passed on from their demonic father. It appears since Bonnie and Becky were identical twins only one got a penis. The sisters take note of little Kari's length. Bonnie suggests to find out who's got bragging rights.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014