Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New Genitals

I have gotten some new genitals for my dickgirls. I have found a new cock and I have been playing around with it, well you know what I mean! You have such dirty minds for going there! Anyway, I think it has potential. I like many aspects of it over the old one I was useing, but the old one has much I still like about it. Here are a few shots with the new dick in them. 

Is this OK Bill? 

"It costs a hundred dollars for me to take it off so I can have sex. Shall I get the attendant?" 

"Oh hello, welcome to The Spa. I'll be with you in a second."

Mistress Sarah

Here is a concept shot for Mistress Sarah. This happens 8 months after her first series. Sarah and Diane happen to share the same menstrual cycle and Penny spent the night with her after filling her mom with her thick creamy goo. They both got pregnant on the same day and they have the same due date. 
Since they are so close to delivering, they can't accommodate Penny's enormous size anymore and Sarah brings in a surrogate to satisfy Penny's needs. 

New Stuff

I've been working hard on some new series and have some ready for post production work. I'll be posting them soon. I do have a few test renders, one off's and concept shots I can post so you have something new from me to look at. 
I've seen many of my fellow artists moving over to Paetron looking for some funding. I don't blame them at all cause it's costly to update inventory and such for your stories. I have thought about it too but that would mean most of you would get to see 99% of my works and I'm not sure it would do me any favors. 
I do have a donation button up in the corner of my website that you can use to send me a few dollars now and then to help offset the cost of new sets and clothes and such. All the donations go back into my work.

The fluffer was told she was needed on the set but the co-star took things into her own mouth.

Things you have to do to borrow some money from your older brother!

Brantley finds a well hung gym sub to order around.

Ronnie finally shows Jasmine his intrrest in her sexually.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Twin's Interview

The twin's set off to make thier fortune. They arrive at Senderland Studios in hopes of getting work. A few other dickgirl/girl twin pairs have been seen on Senderland Studios' website so they figured they give it a try.

Available on Story Series Page for download.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Asking Daddy

A few renders I did while I was bored. Testing out a set and concept.

Ava and Cleo

It's a hot day in Rose Hills and the A/C goes out. It's sweltering in the lab so Ava and Cleo decide to make it more comfortable.