Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Bonnie kept asking to get her picture taken so we finally relented. She does rather enjoy showing off. 


I updated Red a bit from the last post. I think she looks better here.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Homeless Girl

This is Wednesday's story. Wednesday is homeless in the great city of Rose Hills, without any hope or food, she needs a bit of rescuing. When the opportunity knocked, Wednesday invites in Chloe her rescuer and makes a bit of cash on the side.

I hope to make a multi part series with Wednesday. This part is available on the story series page. 

What Can I Get You?

I had this test shot just sitting around, actually I have LOTS of test shots just sitting around on unfinished projects. I might throw a few up from time to time. 


"Hi my name is Red. I grew up acting like a boy, but I'm really a girl. Even in high school I was a boy. I had the bragging rights over all the jocks. I had the biggest penis in the school. I fucked all the cheerleaders while the quaterback could only cry as my cock was worshipped by each of them. 
Now I can be myself. I'm now openly a girl, but I'm still more tomboy than princess seeing how I have almost no tits. I hope I see you around Rose Hills University campus sometime. I'd be happy to pose for a picture or two with my fans." 


Trinda gets her niece Peggy to take some pictures of her while she masturbates. Peggy was able to get some great shots as Trinda expelled her huge load of semen. Peggy shows her the shots and comments on how she never looked away from the camera, as if she was getting off looking at her. Peggy quickly sends off copies to Senderland Studios.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Tatianna and Zoya

Meet Tatianna and Zoya, they recently immigrated here and now reside in Rose Hills. They girls came from Russia to escape the persecution of the Putin regime against Zoya. They don't like dickgirls there and make it hard for them to live peaceful lives. It's been very tough for them coming here with almost nothing. They posed for some pictures and we hope to get them working soon.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Web cast

Bobby needed a twisted catch to her web cast and her mother, Brook, gave it to her. Bobby set her goal really high as to make her show worth the while. Appearing on camera with her daughter, Brook tells all the watchers in the chat room that she will actually for the first time ever consent to having her daughter fuck her on camera. She also mentions that she is ovulating and will most likely become pregnant if her daughter cums inside of her, and she will allow it if Bobby's goal is surpassed and doubled. 
Bobby's hand rubs between her mothers legs and finds that she is so wet just talking about taking her daughters seed. Within a few hours online, the goal is nearly met...

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sleep Over

Sleep overs can be fun, spending time with your best friend and staying up all night watching chick flicks. You mom finally goes to bed and you two are far from ready to sleep, but you have to be quiet your mom is in the next room.