Thursday, August 27, 2015

Courtney and Jamie V2

I posted a version of this picture with Bobby Ann now here is one with Jamie.Which do you guys like better?

Courtney and Bobby Ann O'Dell

Bobby Ann uses her massive sweater pillows to lock hold of Courtney's thick python.

Courtney Dangers_Updated

I updated Courtney Dangers and got her in for a shoot. We have an interview scheduled so keep your eyes out for that. Courtney Dangers "The Huntress" is a character from Her/his stories can be found there. The 3d version was conceived by Bill Sender.The other girl in the frames is a fill in and is not the girl that will be used in the series. It appears she offends some with just causes I might add but disagree with. I do take your  comments to heart.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Megan's Stud Service

Hey guys, I uploaded a short 15 panel series for you. Megan and her half sister Kellie meet up with Mrs. Donna King in the city. Donna is looking to get impregnated, her husband can't seem to give her children. Kellie offers her sisters services for a quickie while her husband is parking the car. This might be the start of a great career for Megan.
You can find the link on the Story series page.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

City Shots: Megan

Being noticed on the street as she wanders around town, she poses for a few snap shots. Word quickly goes around this town about new girls at Rose Hills Academy for Girls and word about Megan is no different. Wanting to finally fit in, Megan moved here to get her degree surrounded by fellow dickgirls. She had no idea normal women also moved here in droves to find massively hung women. The female population in and around the city of Rose Hills is roughly 75% women/dickgirls and 25% men.  
Megan now enjoys sporting her 16 inches proudly rather than hiding it and being a loner from where she grew up. Even getting work at Senderland Studios has brought this flower out of her shadow and into full sunlight not to mention being easier to get laid. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Courtney Dangers

I did a quick series featuring Courtney Dangers, The Huntress. Courtney is from an ongoing story line by Kittyelfie on Deviant Arts. 
 The heroes in residence are Huntress (Courtney Danger.  Long brown hair, light skin, wears khakis and carries a tranquilizer rifle.  She’s lean and well-muscled, an incredibly well-hung shemale.  She has heightened strength, and can lift over a ton.  She’s also skilled in forensics, having a laboratory in a room hidden behind a closet in the basement. 
That was taken from her latest installment available from her DA page. I highly recommend reading them. 
In my pictures the Huntress, poses for us with her highly customized tranquilizer rifle. Able to hold 15 rounds custom darts, able to fire with pin point accuracy up to 50 meters able to stop the worst villain with stealth and surprise. 
Courtney is a bit shy about her well hung appendage, but she let loose a bit for us. She did demo her rifle for us by easily taking down the studio's van driver from the roof. Clearly a marksman.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Quick Image

Here is a quick image I completed. It's simple and I was working over concepts in my mind. Here we see Tamara, Bill's new office manger, and Dr. Brooks gawking at her erection. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Quiet Before Dawn

We got this shot just before dawn. Kellie snuggling up to her half sister Megan. I kinda have a feeling Megan might ask Kellie to move in with her, which is what Kellie wants in the first place. Kellie will often come over to Megan's place drunk and ask to sleep over. Little different from the time they lives with their mom, Kellie would often sneak into Megan's room and slip into her bed. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Megan gives us the eye as we snap one last picture as our crew slips out of the bedroom after a long
night of shooting her and Kellie together. Kellie is already passed out and is not bothered. 

I have been changing Megan's hair around with different styles. I want to get the best one on her permanently. I like this one and will probably keep this one on her. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Random Concept 2

I was also working on this concept. Zoey and Grace walking down a side street in town. Grace gets a naughty idea and wants Zoey to be included. They decide to get busy right there. 
I did these images and I might continues them if I get some responses to either of the concepts. Let me know if you think I should finish them. I figured I'd post a couple concepts, I have a crap load of them I have images to but not finished for what ever reason. Squirrel....

Random Concept Images

I was working on a concept and did a these images. Jamie was taken by her mom to find a dickgirl hooker. Jamie wanted to see what a huge cock was like. 
If I run with this concept Jamie needs a bit of mod'ing. The character is petite to begin with and looks a bit too short. I can stretch her some, but I didn't in these pictures. 

"This is what a girl wants for her birthday"