Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Courtney at the Beach 2

Jenny seems to be persuasive in getting her mom to relax. Getting some hard earned rest, I think she might even get some release shortly. Courtney tries to be a good parent, yet horny daughters will be horny daughters.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Senderland Club_Brother Tips 4

Sorry about the delay in getting more of the story posted. I did in fact finish the small series and this is it. I hope you enjoy it and if you do along with my other works I hope you might consider hitting that paypal donation button and donating a few dollars. I've thought about Patreon but I would like to keep my work free and open. I would like to keep expanding my inventory as to give you the best variety in my works. Thanks, Bill

Everyone moves to the bed and Violet immediately takes Brandon in her mouth while Deena begins to suck on Violet's huge erection. Watching his sister sucking on Violet's cock makes him think how nice threesomes are.
As Brandon lays back, Deena climbs up and straddles him and slowly lowers herself onto his straining dick. Deena is so wet she slides right down on his prick and starts to grind.

Brandon and Violet watch as Deena rides her brother's cock. His shaft becomes wet with her juices as she begins to pant in her own pleasures. 
As Brandon fucks Deena Doggie style he feels a pressure against his own ass. The pressure is insistent and finally penetrates his rectum. The sensation startles him but he doesn't resist. 
Feeling the hard shaft slowly slide deep inside him only intensifies his own pleasure. Violet's huge cock massages his prostate as he fucks. Brandon has never felt anything like this before. 
Deena screams like a banshee as she orgasms. Brandon keeps thrusting faster he can feel himself getting ready to cum and it keeps building, while Violet moves her cock around knowing just what to so to make Brandon cum like never before, besides she like the feel of his tight ass.
Brandon grunts and shakes uncontrollably as he ejaculates inside Deena's love glove. He has never cum so hard before and he knows it's cause Violets fucking his ass. At that moment he thinks a dickgirl girlfriend might be a real idea.
Now that he's satisfied, he wants to thank Violet by getting her off as well. He sits back and rides her unusually long phallus. Violet thrusts herself in hard and fast. She is getting close and wants to cum, she usually never gets to climax with anal sex with male clients. 
Violet tells Brandon she's about to cum and he jumps off and begins to jack her off. Within seconds she begins to shoot thick hot semen all over Brandon's chest. She cries out in total pleasure as she is milked for all she's worth. 
After Brandon wipes off Violet's cock snot, he pulls his pants on but is pulled back onto the bed by Violet. She puts her arm around him and begins to rub his arm with her cock. She tells him if he wants to return to the club to ask for her and she will take good care of him for a special price she only gives to repeat clients and that she'd be happy to let him watch as she fucks his little sister in front of him for free and that he should really think about a dickgirl girlfriend cause he sure knows how to please them and that he's not gay cause he got fucked by a dickgirl. All the while Deena watches and takes mental notes on how to get clients to want to come back to see them. Deena thinks she might have found her calling...and oh, she wants to get fucked by Violet in front of Brandon. Now she just has to get him to come back....
The End...?

Carmen Jules

Our newest girl, Carmen Jules, was brought to us by a couple of our newer dickgirl actors. Carmen is eager to show us how she really wants to model for us. Carmen was one of those hidden jewels buried in the mass of girls at the academy. Now that she is starting her University courses at Rose Hills, she figured it would be a good time to follow in her friends foot steps and a good thing to. A stunning redheaded knockout. Carmen was one of those very active girls with all kinds of sports. I wonder if she's tried water sports? I hope to have Carmen in some shoots soon.

You Know You Want This

Meet Cora DeMarco, Cora is one of the new staff members at Rose Hills Academy for Girls. She decided to send us a demo picture of her qualifications. We love getting well endowed dickgirls wanting to pose for us. We are always looking for new talent. We need to see how well she can use that heat seeking moisture missile. I think her students might be in for a long semester. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Courtney At The Beach

Courtney spends the day at a private beach with her daughter Jenny. After a successful photoshoot, Courtney began avoiding Jenny wanting to sort out her feelings and what had happened. Jenny on the other hand took every opportunity to rub, bump or grind against Courtney's crotch. Courtney decided to just get away for the weekend and clear her mind. She couldn't not take Jenny along, so the two went to a secluded private beach so Courtney could finally enjoy the experience without having to wear huge men's swim trunks to hide her enormous phallus. 
We see Jenny finally venture into the water after working on her topless tan. Jenny couldn't stop staring at her mom's cock the entire time. Knowing she was being ogled, Courtney's cock became semi erect as she tried to not draw attention to it. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Courtney's Interview

Today we had a chance to have a sit down with Rose Hills newest resident and celebrity Courtney Dangers. 

 Bobby Ann O'Dell gets the story behind Courtney's choosing Rose Hills to settle down in. Courtney also recently discovered she's a father. Her daughter Jenny Dangers was able to finally track her down. After DNA testing we find out Jenny is the product of a semester long romance when Courtney attended Oxford university. After the girl left the university to attend to her aligning mother, she was never able to return. Courtney was brokenhearted and then dedicated her life to science and exploration, until she discovered her best biology experiment 18 years later. 
Courtney chose to move to Rose Hills because of it's openness to dickgirls. England wasn't big on girls with giant cocks. After being tipped off to Courtney's anaconda Bobby Ann got an interview with her for Senderland She even got a eye opening photo spread! Even getting  a mother and daughter to bond even closer. 
Be sure to take a look on the Story Series page.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Julie's mom 2

Kyle's imagination seems to be getting the better of him. Unable to help himself staring at Julie's mom. Is it his imagination or is Julie's mom strutting past him more slowly giving him a better look? 
Julie takes more notice her boyfriend's swim trunks now show an outline of his hardening dick. Julie's mom smiles and struts past into the house leaving Kyle and Julie alone. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Julie's Mom

Kyle hangs out with Julie at her pool, when Julie's mom comes out in her skimpy bikini. Kyle can't help taking a look. Kyle always seems to want to hang out at Julie's place when her mothers around unlike normal teens.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Senderland Club_Brother Tips 3

"OK Deena, now that he's paid you have to go through with this. Are you ready?" Violet watches Deena smile and nod her head. "This is your first time in the private rooms, it's important to make sure you leave the customer satisfied. He actually paid us extra to fuck us bareback so I hope you are on the pill like your employment contract suggests."

Deena quickly kneels in front of Brandon and begins to undo his pants. Violet stand there chatting with him trying to get a feel for what kinks he's into. 

After the pants come off, Deena takes her brother into her mouth. Hearing him moan, she begins to deep throat his growing cock. Brandon reaches over and begins to fondle Violet. Violet just smiles as Brandon's fascination about girl cock finally gets satisfied.

 Brandon slowly strokes Violet's cock, watching it grow erect in his hand. Violet has had many clients just like Brandon, wanting to experiment with a cock. They are not into men just so curious about girls with dicks. Violet actually gets so much pleasure from men like this, especially if she can get them to open up their man pussy for her. The way Brandon is interested in her cock she suggests to him that he might look for a dickgirl girlfriend. 

To be continued...

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Megan and Kellie are here

A new series has arrived.
Megan and Kellie spend some time in Megan's room. Kellie comes over late one night drunk and needing a place to stay because she got evicted from her apartment again. Kellie gives Megan some good reasons for letting her half sister stay with her. 

Take a look at the series on the Story Series page for the link.

Senderland Club_Brother Tips 2

Violet leans back against the pole showing Brandon what he just did to her. She's fully erect, showing him 14+ inches. Brandon holds his wad of bills now knowing just what he wants to spend it on.

Violet offers to get them a private room, but Brandon just wants to hangout on a couch until he gets up the nerve to tackle an encounter with a girl sporting a bigger cock than his own. 

 Over on the couch, Deena was quick to begin a lap dance for Brandon. She began rubbing her ass on his crotch, quickly feeling him grow erect. Feeling his hand cupping her breast and seeing him begin to stroke Violet's enormous erection. Deena knew it was up to her to get Brandon into a private room. Not only to see him play with Violet but to make some money. She wasn't above making it off her brother's lust for girls.

You know Brandon, in the private rooms you can watch me fuck your little sister. Imagine her taking this mega cock in her ass as she looks into your eyes. Better yet, while she is sucking your cock. You want your sister to suck your cock? In the private rooms you can even fuck your sister as she sucks MY cock. She is on probation, she can't refuse you once back in the private rooms. 
 Looking into Deena's eyes he agrees to take them both, the price set. He hadn't been with his sister in months, not since before he began to work at Senderland Studios as a male model.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Senderland Club_ Brother Tips

Rose Hills' newest strip club owner by Bill and Simone Sender is in full swing and has gotten some of the top earners from DG's, the other dickgirl club nearby. Senderland club is the only dickgirl strip club in the city of Rose Hills and features many of the girls from the academy and the university. 
Violet was quick to move to Simone's club. She quickly moved to the top of the list with her great personality and her eagerness to use her impressive cock to make money. 
Here we see Violet showing Deena the ropes on dancing at a strip club. Deena seems to be a natural temptress. Deena's brother Brandon, who has been at the club for hours, has finally stepped up to his sisters pole. 
Brandon has been tipping the other girls in the club, getting lap dances, and watching the girl/dickgirl shows. Finally his sister Deena has teamed up with Violet on a pole. He moves over to the stage and watches them. He tips them both til they are naked. His eyes can't seem to move off of Violet. The way she makes eye contact, the way she moves her body, the subtle way she gets her long cock to move keeps his eyes riveted to her. 
Brandon is not interested in men in anyway, but he can't help staring at Violet's enormous penis. Seeing his little sister and Violet dancing together, touching one another, rubbing bodies makes Brandon's pants grow tighter. He moves up to the stage with a bundle of 100's and tips Violet and his sister for a pole show. Brandon wants to experiment and play with Violet some. He's never been so close to another dick before, except his own. Violet has no problems with men, she in fact loves nervous young men wanting just this kind of experience. She knows exactly how to handle this. 
 As the girls move seductively on stage Violet bends back and begins to lick Deena's pussy. Deena urges her brother forwards to check out that big cock. As Deena moans from Violets tongue she gets her brother to play with Violet's dick. She gets him to finally put it in his mouth. Brandon seems to be taken with sucking Violets cock and Violet begins to grow erect in Brandon's mouth and hand. He doesn't stop as her length just keeps growing. 
Deena wonders if she can get Brandon to take them both to a private room for some more intimate fun. Sex in the main club is OK between dancers, but club members need to go to the private areas. Sucking cock or hand jobs on stage are permitted along with making a dickgirl cum on stage. Being the professional she is, Violet is able to hold her orgasm at bay opting for a private area. If she knows she can't get the member into the back she will often cum in their mouths.  
Trying to be the professional dancer, Deena watches Brandon sucking Violet's cock making her grow huge and feeling Violet eating her pussy like nobodies business, she tries to quietly orgasm, not doing a very good job at it. She whimpers and moans and gives a audible gasp as she climaxes watching her brother suck cock for the first time and doing a pretty good job at it.