Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Bad Debt, Good Debt

Here is a little bit of straight stuff. Can't do all dickgirls can I? Well ya I can but I do like boy girl stuff too. 

Jane needs some money and her older brother is home so she asks him for a loan. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Lucy Busting Out

Here is a new one of Lucy. Since Carly has come back she is feeling a bit left out. 

It seems the majority of the comments on Candace seems to say no on horse cocks. While I am a benevolent dictator on my website I will not have a rash of horsecock girls showing up.  

Monday, August 13, 2018

Thursday, August 2, 2018

A couple new works

Sorry I haven't posted much lately, I have still been busy rendering a few new series. I have also been playing with a new concept. A new item has appeared on Rendererotica that I am interested in. It has started to appear in some works on D.A. I have done a couple test shots of a new girl just appearing on the scene with a new affliction, yet she might just fit in to our cast. 
The sad part of it is it has to be rendered in Iray. I use Octane in my normal work flow and I haven't used Iray much. So I have to do the series in Iray if I want to publish them. It's a bit of a slower process and I'm not super good at it yet. My lighting skills in Iray suck. I'll keep working on them as I go, but my output might slow a bit. 
As I work to get out some of the series I have waiting on me I have done a few test renders and a couple just because shots to give you. Thanks for sticking with me. 

Here is the new item from Rendererotica

Candace has a new affliction Horsegirlism. They have unusual penises and of enormous proportions. So far we know of only a few, but they have heard of Senderland Studios and they are reaching out to us. Candace is the first to send in a couple snapshots to see if we are interested in her. 
I would like it if you commented to tell me if your interested in girls like Candace or not.  

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Carly and Lily #1.5

I have a follow up to the first part of this series. 
Two days later after Carly gets back from her photo shoot. Carly makes breakfast for her niece Polly. Polly is staying with Carly and Lily as she attends Rose Hills University. Polly knows all about her Aunt Carly, she has been collecting every clip and video of Carly online. She wants to experience the thrill of her aunts phallus. After seeing Aunt Lily fucking a stranger on the couch, she wants to feel out Aunt Carly's ideas about infidelity. 

Available on Story Series page.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Carly and Lily

Carly and Lily are back in Rose Hills. After traveling the world, our two main girls are back in Rose Hills. Lily is back at her law practice and Carly is back doing shoots for Senderland Studios. Carly's older sister's daughter Polly has come to stay with Carly and Lily. Polly is attending Rose Hills University studying computer science. 
Carly has a overnight video shoot to do and Lily has a potential client to entertain tonight, in order to get her as a client. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Rosey W/Lucy is Here

It took very little convincing to get Rosey to agree to pose with our new spokes model Lucy. Rosey quickly warmed to the idea of this stranger warming her love muscle in her fleshy sheath with so many people watching. Lucy shows us her professional work ethic by covering Rosey in cock snot. In the outtake photo we see the real Lucy as she busts up laughing as the photographer cracks a joke. 

The series is available on my story series page.