Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The New Twins are Here

The new twins, Mary and Monica, have finally gotten back together after being separated nearly five years ago after they were caught having sex together. Their parents divorced at the same time and each one took a twin. Now they are 18 and they chose to attend Rose Hills University together. Mary moved back in with her mom and Monica until the new semester starts. Monica is excited to have her sister back. 

 The story is available on the 'Story Series' page for download.

Monday, February 22, 2016


Here we have an introductory photo set from Kim O'Hare. Kim is another stunning petite redhead from Ireland. Kim is here finishing up her schooling and is set to graduate this summer. For her 18th birthday she had these pictures taken wanting to work for us. She is more than qualified. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

"After this song"....

Jessica: Charlotte, we've been walking around all day with no clothes on and watching music videos. I'm horny! I need some release.
Charlotte: I know honey, after this song you can put that gargantuan cock of yours snugly into my pussy. I'm glad to see my body has this affect on you. Just hold that thought....

Carly and Lily and Carmen

Here are some renders I did a while ago and never did get around to finishing up the series.


A quick shot of Sarah when she first came to Rose Hills meeting with two rather large friends.

A Day In The Sun

I was playing around and found Courtney and Jenny on the nude beach on the coast near Rose Hills enjoying the sun.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bridget and Fiona McDougal

Bridget brought in her younger sister Fiona to the studio for a few pictures. Bridget and Fiona have been on their own since Bridget was 17 and she had to take care of the both of them with only a little help from their relatives.  After amassing a large sum of student loans and graduating from the University of Aberdeen, Bridget took a job at Rose Hills Academy for Girls as a teacher. After a year of teaching, Fiona finally turned 18 and graduated from a local Aberdeen high school and Bridget immigrated Fiona to the country and brought her to Rose Hills. In order to pay for all this, Bridget had to exploit her natural gifts and turn to dickgirl porn. Now Bridget has been able to afford to enroll Fiona into Rose Hills University. 
Having found out Bridget was a porn star and making lots of money, Fiona decides to ask Bridget to get her into the business. So today they find themselves in the studio and decide to take a few family pictures of them nude. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bridget McDougal in "The Audition"

Bridget McDougal stars in her first series "The Audition". Bridget meets up with Simone Sender at her home office and  is interviewed for a modeling job. It is totally unnecessary as Bill Sender already as much as hired her. It seems ulterior motives are in play with both girls. See how Bridget gets her  job offer.  

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Today we meet Monique, an 18 year old senior at Rose Hills Academy. She came to us looking to make it big in modeling. At first she only wanted to do bikini work, but then after we explained what Senderland Studios does, she relented and the clothes came off. Surprisingly, Monique was totally at ease being nude in front of the crew. Monique was hesitant at wanting to work with our dickgirls. When it was explained that we don't usually employ dickgirls with less than 13 inches and most our girls sporting more than 15 inches, her eyes grew wide and she gasped in awe. If Monique sticks around, then I think she will get big in porn.