Friday, November 14, 2014

Dear Bill,
 I am sending you a couple photos of me. I hope you might consider hiring me for your website as a model. I currently work as a dancer at a local club and you recently hired two of the girls here. Let me tell you a bit about myself.
 My name is Grace Miller and I am 26. I hope I’m not too old for your site. I have red hair and green eyes. I have a perky C cup breasts that have not sagged any, they are firm as ever. I sport a generous cock so I will fit in well with your other models. My cock is 10 inches flaccid and 13 ½ inches erect and 3 inches thick.
 I do have to admit now that I am not so experienced with sex in front of a camera or others. I do dance naked in front of an audience, so I am not shy about my gift. I am not involved with anybody and can have sex whenever you require it.
 I grew up in the foster care system. My parents were killed when I was a baby. I grew up thinking I was a boy until I entered puberty. I turned into a cute little girl. I always liked girl things. When I started to develop breasts I was taken to a state doctor and was tested and they told the foster care workers I was a girl.
 I was moved from home to home and I was then raised as a girl. I was a bit sheltered at first. I was placed with 8 families over the years so my life was a bit chaotic. As my puberty progressed my penis began to grow longer. When I was in high school my cock was over 6 inches long flaccid. It grew even more during my years at school. I was at my 10 inch mark in the 11th grade when it finally slowed.
 I was always naturally skinny. It was very hard to hide a huge bulge in my pants. I wore a lot of skirts and baggy pants. Now I am proud of what I have. I want to share my gift with the world through your web site.
 I hope you will respond positively to this unsolicited job request.

                                                                                          Grace Miller

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Doctor Is IN

As you know, None of the girls here at Senderland Studios is well adjusted. Face it, they are all pretty fucked up. Zoey is no exception. Zoey's father left the family and divorced shortly after her 10 birthday. Leaving her and her mother and younger brother to fend for themselves. Her mother is a stuningly good looker and a leech. Always scamming, she was finally tossed aside by her husband. Having two kids did little to slow this woman and certainly didnt hurt her perfect body. She went on to scam other rich men out of their money. Soon Zoey's brother also handsome began to pick up on the lifestyle. Zoey was gifted in brains, unlike her family. She was a 5.0 student and went off to college to study medicine. She was soon scammed out of her scolarship and grant money by her brother and mother. She had to go into major debt to get her education. 
After finishing her residency at a major hospital she took an obscure job offer from a different country and wound up asigned to this clinic. Having to pay her mounting school loans she posed for us for some quick cash. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

More Kari...

Kari gets measured for her web profile. She generously measures in at 13 1/2 inches

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kari Returns

Kari Cummings returns with a all new set of pictures. (I had to give Kari and update. Her old skin was having issues in rendering so I gave her a needed redo. I think she is stunning now). She spent her off time working out and sculpting her body. 
There will be more pictures posted over the next week or two. Let me know what you think of the new Kari.