Thursday, January 30, 2014

Samantha Linda Woods
Name: Samantha Linda Woods
Age: 35
Occupation: Rosehill's Academy for Girls Director of Multi Media and Tech.
Status: Divorced
Sexual Preference: Bi-Sexual
Bio: Samantha is the director of the Mulit media facility and also runs most of the computer systems in the school. Her group of students have their own on campus TV studio and Photography lab. They take care of the class pictures and Annuals and even the school newspaper E-edition. She heads up the schools web sites and even has a fashion model's club.
 The school has some very influencial donors and she has to keep them happy enough to keep donating to the school. Some of her activities are after school and mostly with the Photo/ video club. This is where her clubs make extra monies to support the purchase of new PC's and cameras. She and her club runs a after hours fashion photo shoots. The club and the staff make a nice return on selling the pictures and videos to web sites and private collectors. The girls make some money and the staff and school do too. There is not a lack of students willing to do things to help with spending money.
 She also does private shoots with the staff for certain donors. Many of the top school administraters pose nude for her to entice the donors to make bigger pledges. The big seller these past few years has been the Calander sales. One girl or administrator is featured each week showing the sensual side of the hard staff members in a way the male donors seem to enjoy year after year. Suprising enough, the issues that feature her in the nude sell so much better.
 She doesn't often pose. As you can see here she should.

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