Monday, January 27, 2014

April kneels down taking Carly's huge flaccid cock in her hand. Carly reaches down holding April's chin.
" If your sure about this, once I get hard...I'm not going to stop sis" notes Carly.
 In reply April begins to stroke Carly's cock. Even limp she is a noteworthy size. She can't wait to see how big her baby sister is. Carly begins to feel that strange feeling in her dick again.
 As April slowly strokes her dick it feels like it wants to stretch. It's a pleasureful pain. Carly's cock begins to grow erect.
 " You like this baby? This feel good?" teases April.
 " Oh fuck yes, Oh gawd April I want this." moans Carly.
April smiles as Carly grows hard in her hand.....

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