Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Quiet time

Just a quick note, I'm in the process of moving. So my postings will be a bit slow for the next few weeks as I have to set up my network again. I hope to be back up to full speed by the first of the year. I'll still try and post something in the meantime. 


Here is a gratutious titty shot. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Daphine and Her Daughter Lisa

Daphine has been a porn actress for a few years making enough to move her and her daughter Lisa to Rose Hills. They have a comfortable place to live and Lisa attends the University now. Daphine decided to audition for Senderland Studios to make some extra money since her regular job barely makes ends meet. 
Daphine had to drag her daughter with her to the test shoot. She talked Lisa into stripping down as well. Lisa is not super well hung as most of the girls modeling these days, but she does pack 13 1/2 inches enough to be a model. 
When the interview began they asked if Lisa could get erect for them. Without thinking, Daphine just started to stroke her daughters cock and it became erect with very little effort. As the interview continued she just laid there beside Lisa playing with her dick keeping her hard. When they asked if Lisa could ejaculate for them, Daphine, like a pro gave her daughter oral sex even deepthroating her!

Daphine laid on her back offering herself to Lisa. She knew the crew wanted to get some shots of Lisa fucking her. After a bit of cajoling, Lisa relented and had sex with her.

Needing the money shot, Daphine decided to take her daughter's load in her mouth. She wanted to swallow every bit of her seed. To her dismay, Lisa's output was more than she could swallow and some leaked out. 

Lisa was also offered a job along with her mom. Lisa for it thrilling to fuck in front of people. 

A quick photoshoot with Kendall. She is a Freshman at Rose Hills University now. She just completed Rose Hills Academy for Girls and now she's moving on.