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Here is a new series I'm working on. We meet Hannah, she has found it hard to make friends. She finds girls more sexually appealing, but she hasn't found girls with the same mind set. They all like boys. She figures it's because they have dicks. She gets fed up with it all and wishes with all her soul for a change...This is her story.

Hannah's Wish Part 1 Download Link

Hannah just arrives home and only finds her older sister Sandra and her best friend Kathy. 

I had to rerender a few of the frames do to found errors. You will note some difference on Hannah's dick. I was working on the bump maps. There are still a few errors in the some of the frames so I hope they don't stand out to badly. This is a learning process and I strive to get better as I go along. As usual any comments on the series is welcome. Any tips or tricks??
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Hannah's Wish Part 2 Download Link

Hannah is back in school. She is called into the office to meet with the Asst Dean. She meets Wendy and learns she will be her school buddy for a few weeks until Wendy can learn the schools system. Hannah has different ideas on why she is in the Asst. Dean's office. What possibly can she be thinking?

 Hannah's Wish Part 3 Download Link

The Franklin Twins 
Messing with Bill

The girls get a bit naughty after Bill Sender suggests they go that extra mile for the website visitors. A little reluctant at first, Bonnie quickly gets into it becoming so aroused by the act of pleasuring her sister. This is just a small step towards being as close to your twin as possible. 

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Kari's Library Quickie

Truth Or Dare

This is a first attempt at in picture speech. I hope it comes out ok. Let me know what you think. 

This series contains incest portrayal. If your offended by such filth then be warned when viewing. 

Behind the Scenes
*NOTE* The school runs a secret web site selling Picture sets and videos of the staff and students. It started as a fundraiser to get some new equpment, but it just took off. They now fund the after class programs and other student need programs. The money is split between the participents, the school and the site for overhead costs. They try and keep it low key and its a well known secret. The proceeds funded the 4K cameras they use to film.

Kari hops up on the bed in one of the school's many photo locations. She feels so nervous, her heart nearly pounds out of her chest. She hears the camera clicking away. Samantha Woods directing her movements as she videos the entire shoot. 
Slowly Kari becomes more comfortable and begins to like the attention shes getting. Samantha loves her huge penis. There are a few others on the set gasping and commenting on her extremely unusual gift. 
Samantha asks Kari if she wouldn't mind getting erect for her, so she can get some more pictures. Kari tells Samantha she doesn't mind but she's too shy to masturbate in front of all these others. Samantha smiles and calls over Kelly. 
"Kelly, can you help our newest star get hard?" Asks Samantha. Samantha always videos her subjects in the nude to make them feel more comfortable. Samantha had seen the way Kari was eyeing Kelly as she began taking pictures. Kari perks up as Kelly comes over kneeling down and grasps her flaccid penis. Samantha moves in to film this. Kari begins to relax and smiles...
It wasn't long before Kari started to get erect. Kelly looks up, " OMG she's fucking huge! It just keeps growing. She must be over a foot long!" exclaimed Kelly. Kelly keeps stroking feeling that shaft get rock hard in her grasp. Kari moans softly forgetting everyone standing there.
Samantha films Kari's erection. Kari differently loving the attention. 
"Sweetie, Would you like to fuck Kelly?" asks Samantha. Kari now feels her heart ready to explode out of her chest looks over at Kelly and nods. Kelly smiles broadly and begins to remover her clothes as Samantha gets more video of Kari. 
Kari stands up on the bed and Kelly comes over and starts to suck that fine cock. Kari moans never having felt somebody's mouth on her dick. " I've never had sex before." confesses Kari. Kelly glances at Samantha ans Samantha glances back and smiles. " do what comes natural Kari, just enjoy this. Just let me know if when your going to cum. Whatever you do, don't cum inside her, we want to get your cum shot on video." instructs Samantha.
Kelly lays back on the bed opening her legs. Kelly guides Kari into her, she lets out a loud moan as Kari fills her. Samantha gets that first look Kari gives as she slides into pussy for the first time. " It's so wet and warm and oh so tight." states Kari as she begins to thrust. 
Kelly grasps the side of the bed and holds on as she feels the biggest cock she's ever had fucks her. She quickly begins to experience multiple orgasms. This girls is doing everything right. "That's it fuck me! Use my pussy to get your rocks off!!" growls Kelly.
Kari moves Kelly over the side of the bed. she begins to take some control and holds Kelly's hips as she thrusts in faster. This being her first actual sexual intercourse she can't stop her own orgasm building. She knows she's not going to last long. Kari feels her orgasm and suddenly remembers to pull out. She grasps her shaft and strokes with practiced measure as she ejaculates all over Kelly's fine ass. 
Kari stands back as Samantha videos the aftermath of that orgasm. Kari just kept spraying semen out. Samantha figures she got the longest orgasm ever on camera. Samantha records the massive amount of goo on Kelly's ass. "I am so sorry Samantha," states Kari " I guess I couldn't hold it longer. It's just I never thought pussy could ever feel so good." "That's just fine love" Samantha replies " You will go longer the next time." Kelly feels the warm cum quickly turning cold and running down her legs. " Mind if I wipe this stuff off me?" asks Kelly....

Carly's First Day At Rose Hill's

 Carly finds herself loving her new life and job. She has an easy teaching schedule this semester. She is teaching only 3 classes but has to supervise the school's detention classes. All the girls are so well behaved she has yet to have a student in detention. She has one of the older classrooms but has a nice view of the school grounds and the surrounding property.
 Right after her last class Misty Moon comes in and gives her a note from Dean Feldman telling her that Misty is her new teachers aide and personal assistant for this semester. Carly sets her to work erasing the chalkboards. They start chatting about the school and being new here. Misty easily fills her in on the schools basics.
 Misty tells Miss. Green about the student aides and how they get extra points awarded from the teachers on their work performance. The points count toward trips and prizes at the end of the year. Misty tells Carly about the other teachers she's worked for. Mr. West just recently left and she was his personal assistant for 3 years in the 8th, 9th and 10th grades.
 Carly can't help but admire her toned body. Misty smiles seeing Miss. Green looking her up and down. Misty brings up casually that she's working out and is ready to compete in the Junior Bodybuilding and Fitness contest coming up shortly. It's one of the schools extra curricular events. Mrs. Winters is the teacher in charge of the girls on her team.
 Carly listens and can't believe this girl has such a schedule and routine. A full class schedule, workouts first thing in the morning and evenings. Then she does this teachers aide deal AND is her personal assistant. Misty blows off the admiration and says it keeps her busy. Misty loves to keep fit and still has a 4.0 GPA.

Carly: " You know, I'm not even sure I need a student aide. I'm only a student teacher myself this year and I don't have but 3 classes. Perhaps you should ask Ms. Feldman to assign you to another teacher. With most of the work done on computers and all the homework turned in on the school's web site, there is not much extra to do."

Misty: " Oh! please don't Miss Green. I'm good at doing many things. Part of our duties is to make sure the teachers are happy and not so overworked. I know it gets stressful doing this job. It's my goal to make sure the teachers I work for are satisfied  in every way." Misty gives Carly a wanton grin. 
 " Mr. West needed so much stress relief, I could see how he needed two other student aids. I'm glad I'm your only one Miss. Green, I can give you all the attention  you need. I'm also at your beck and call after school hours too. You have my school dorm room number and my cell number too. I'm only a few minutes walk from your room now that you live on campus too."
Carly: " How did you know I live on campus now?"
Misty: " Ms. Feldman told me about you and I saw that Picture you sent out of your huge dick. I will take special  care of you. Are the rumors true about you Miss Green? Are you REALLY a man?"
Carly: " Oh! dear Gawd NO! I'm just a much a girl as you are."
Misty: OH. I'm sorry I didn't mean anything by that. It's just that cock of yours and an impressive one at that."
Carly: " Lord! does everybody in this school know?"
Misty: " I think so. It got re-tweeted over and over. I don't think there is any girl in the school that hasn't dreamed of it."

 Misty glides over and sits on Carly's desk. she props her leg up on Carly's chair parting her legs some. Wanting Carly to get a peek under her skirt. 
Carly lets her eyes lower as she notices Misty parting her legs. She notices she's not wearing panties. She gets a sweet view of her pussy. 
Misty: " Would you like me to show you some of my poses for the competition? Maybe you could critique my forms?"

Misty: " I hope you don't mind, but I need to do this in the nude. I don't have my bikini with me and I really want you to see every sculpted curve." 
Misty unzips her skirt and stands in front of Carly slowly lowering it. 
Misty: " You know Miss Green, its only fair if you show me something as I strip for you. If my body gets you excited, Please don't be afraid to show it."
Carly unbuttons her blouse and reaches down under her own skirt and fondles her big package through her panties.

Carly admires Misty as she wiggles out of that skirt.

Misty reaches up and starts to peel off her top revealing her tiny A cup breasts. Her nipples get instantly erect. 
Misty: " I'm sorry I'm not very busty."
Carly: " You look just fine. In fact, I rather love small breasted girls." 

Misty starts going through her poses. Flexing and shifting through her routine. Carly sits back enjoying. Misty's body is superb even at this tender age. Her eyes unabashedly drink in Misty's body. Misty notices and it gets her so excited. She can actually smell herself, she knows she is totally wet. 

Carly stands up and lowers her skirt and panties. Her huge flaccid cock hangs down. Misty still poses but looks down at it. She can't believe it's that big...and its not even hard yet. She watches Miss Green take off her blouse. Her breasts are to die for.

Misty kneels down in front of Carly. She takes the monster cock in her hands. She is amazed at its weight and its girth. She looks up at Carly and begins to play with it. Stroking it slowly, feeling it slipping through her fingers. She feels it growing hard. Getting bigger and longer.                                                                 Misty: " Oh gawd Miss Green, This is the biggest dick I've ever seen. Even Mr West wasn't even close to your soft size with his hard on."
Carly: " Don't worry its gets much bigger. So what did you do for Mr West?" she says this with a pleasure in her voice. She is enjoying Misty stroking her cock.
Misty: " I used to give him blow jobs at lunchtime and I even gave him hand jobs before school and in the teachers lounge and other places on campus."

Carly's dick is now at it's 14 inch length. Misty starts to lick on her shaft and balls. Her hands continue to stroke her. Carly moans in pleasure, feeling how fucking good Misty is at this. Running her tongue the length of her hard shaft. 

Carly: " oh gawd Misty, please....try and put it in your mouth. You think you can suck on some of it?"

Misty doesn't say anything just puts her mouth over her swollen cock head. She slides her lips down the shaft feeling that hard shaft hitting the back of her throat instantly. she listens to Carly moaning and gasping. She feels Carly hand on her head guiding her down its length. She keeps up stroking the remaining shaft with both hands. She herself is so wet and horny sucking on this mega prick

Misty gets into a fast Rhythm with her mouth and hands. She forces more of that cock down her throat, but its so hard it doesn't bend much. She feels Miss Green might cum soon, so she gasps for air and asks...
Misty: "Would you like me to deep throat you? I bet you I can!"
Carly: " Oh sweetie if you do I will keep you on as my asst for sure."

Misty moves some papers on the teachers desk and lays on her back letting her head hang off the end. She sees that monster hard on and opens wide. Carly puts her tool back in Misty's mouth and slowly pushes. She can SEE it distending Misty's throat as it slides in. Misty relaxes her gag reflex and opens her throat as she feels Carly's balls hitting her forehead. Carly begins to fuck Misty's throat. She's NEVER had this happen before! 13 of 14 inches down her throat. The feeling is insanely wild.
Carly: " Oh gawd baby! Oh fuck yes! You got the job..Its never felt this good before."
Carly slides her cock in and out. The pleasure building fast. 

Misty pushes Carly's cock out and gasps...
Misty: " Don't cum yet! I want you to have all of me. I want you to fuck me. Use me! get your pleasures, see how useful I am having around."
Carly: " I'm not going to refuse, I want you so bad."
Misty: " I'm yours Miss Green Take me!"
Carly bends Misty over the desk and without pausing she slides her huge cock in that tight young pussy. She is so wet and about 9 inches fill her. Carly's hips begin to thrust. she wants this, she can feel herself growing closer to that orgasm. 
Misty: "That's it! Fuck me...Claim my pussy. Me West never even got to fuck me. Oh Fuck your huge!! Yes don't stop!!! Make me your little student bitch!"

Misty lays on her back on the floor lifting up for Carly. Carly fucks her with lust filling her every thought. That 14 inch pecker drills into that tight wet pussy. the juices glistening off her shaft and all around Misty's lips. She can't hold back much longer. she so wants to fuck her so much longer but that pussy is too good to withstand, and the time..Misty needs to get to the Cafeteria for her dinner. She watches Misty and her body. The way the muscles move, those abs! Carly lets out a long groan as she pulls out...

Misty looks up at her as her cock comes free and that cock cannon erupts with semen. The hot sticky thick goo gets pumped all over her pelvis. Jizz it just keeps coming out! Carly strokes her cock for all its worth and ejaculates covering Misty in her seed.

Carly pants as the flow of semen stops. That orgasm was unlike any other. It was so intense. Carly gasps for air as she looks at the cum covered girl.
Misty: " Mmm I think you enjoyed yourself. Did I please you? Are you happy with my body? "

Misty: " So, do I get to position?"
Carly: " you can have any position you like." Carly giggles " you had better dress and get to dinner."
Misty: " thank you Miss Green. I'll see you tomorrow then?"
Carly: "For sure right after your last class."
( I Know this last frame has major flaws, but I wanted to get it in this posting. I'll have to reshoot it soon)


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    1. Thanks for finding me and I'm glad you enjoy my stories. I don't have the proper programs to modify the pictures in a way to add a stomach bulge during intercourse. I might try at some point cum inflation, but it's not really my thing.

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