Friday, January 17, 2014

Name: Carly Elizabeth Green
Age: 22
Sibling: April Marie Green
Occupation: Student/Student teacher/model
Sexual preference: females
Bio: Carly was born a heraphrodite and was born with the  name Carl Green. She was gifted even at birth with an above average size penis. Her virgina was unusually small so the doctors thought she'd grow up masuline. When she entered puberty she developed very femine. At that time her parents gave her the choice of corretive surgery or living with the oddity. She choose to be accepted as she is, besides she knew she possessed a gifted penis. She knew she'd be bigger than most of the boys out there. She was never confused with her gender,more than can be said about the schools she attended.
 Carly was home schooled for several years till she begged to attend high school. The school had to accomadate her unusual condition. She had to attend P.E. classes either before school or after. Only when the P.E. teacher was unavailable did she have to attend normal classes. She changed and showered in the teacher's office. She was not shy about her condition, in fact, she rather liked the attention. It was the school administrators that had a hard time deciding if she was male or female. She was placed in the girl's locker room but was forced to wear bicycle pants to help hide her penis. The school was prevented from asking Carly about her sexual preferences. She was, in fact, attracted to other girls. Being in the girls locker room, seeing them naked and showering gave her a thrill she would not forget. She loved high school. Carly has always been attracted to other females.
  Carly and her sister April were inseparable as girls and still even grown they can't be found not talking on the phone or texting one another all day. When April graduated and moved off Carly had to wait til she graduated to follow. Carly was accepted at the State University near where April moved to. Carly is now in her final year of study. She planes on getting her teaching degree and teaching at a high school.
 Carly now is a student teacher in her final year of study. She was placed at Rose Hill's Academy For Girls. This academy is in a extremely rich suburb. It is a school for weathly yet troubled teens. The plush surounding and buildings make being there very pleasant. Carly teaches several subjects, supervised by the administrators. Since she is only a student teacher she is also required to staff the detention room.
 Carly hopes to be hired at this academy after she graduates it pays extremely well. She makes a small stipend now and she can barely afford to cover her expensives. So she moved in with her sister, which was good for both girls. They now share everything together.
 Carly also aspires to become a model. Due the her dick she has not been able to get any agent to even look at her twice.  They can't hardly hide a 9 inch flaccid cock stuffed in a tiny thong. She is well over 14 inches long. Being this big she is now finding it hard to find sexual partners, once they see her erect size they get scared. Many can't seem to handle her size, so she often just gets a handjob and if she's lucky a blowjob.
 Carly was tipped off to a adult web site that features unusual sexual vices. They break all taboo and that made Carly interested. She figures adult film work might pay a bit more than teaching, but she won't give up her current job. She hopes to do both. Her Bio photo was one her sister took of her to send in to the agency running the adult actors.  Carly is not shy about being naked infront of her sister.  They have a close relationship. They have shared everything together...

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