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 I hope you liked this little series. I'm still working on the quality of the renders. If you have any comments just send them along here, or at
Lily cries out as she convulses and orgasms as hard as she's ever have.
 The girls quickly slip to the floor as Carly tells them she's going to cum. Lily possessively grabs Carly's engorged cum cannon and starts stroking fast. Carly looks right down at Lily and smiles as she moans.
 Lily feels Carly's rock hard shaft begin to pulse and a moment later the first thick blast of semen hits her in the face. she doesn't slow, she keeps stroking as she adjusts the aim of that monster prick. The semen just seems to keep pumping and she gladly lets Kimberly feel the hot jizz all over her face as well.
Lily nervously slips off her panties, they are soaking wet. She's never done this type of thing before. She had only planned on watching, but when she straddled Kimberly's face and felt that wet tongue flick over her clit she moaned in Ecstasy. Oh Fuck! This feels so good, Lily starts moving her hips to the pleasure.
 Carly watching this strokes her cock and in no time at all its fully erect. Kimberly opens her legs and gives access to that tight wet hot treasure. Carly rubs her cock head up and down those wet lips then slowly slides her huge cock into that tight love glove. Carly gets a strange thrill watching Lily pleasured.
 Lily lays back on the table enjoying the pleasures. Kimberly going to town on her. Carly holding Kimberly's hips thrusts in hard and fast. That tight sleeve making it incredibly hard not to cum. Carly watches as Kimberly makes Lily cum over and over.
 Lily reaches down  holding Kimberly's head as she feels the most explosive orgasm she's yet had building fast...OMG Carly's watching her, and she's getting off harder knowing that.

Kimberly leans over and kisses Lily. She feels Carly's cock getting larger. Her hips moving over and grinding on that massive member. Carly watches those two kissing and feels a pang of jealousy herself....
Kim quickly feels Lily's tongue probing her lips. she opens her mouth letting Lily's tongue slip inside. Kim slowly sucks on the warm wet snake. The two tongues dance around, first in Kimberly's mouth then Lily's. Lily feeling the warm breath of Kimberly tasteing her lip gloss. There seemed to be a pentup desire in Kimberly's kiss, maybe from back in school days...
 Kimberly sits back on table
Kimberly: " Ok sexy show me what you got hidden under there"
  Carly pulls her skirt back revealing a 9 inch cock that's not even hard yet!
Carly: " I got this..."
Kimberly: " Oh dear lord! that's a fucking huge cock! and wait! your not even hard yet are you?"
Carly: " No, not yet. It gets a bit bigger."
Kimberly: " Well baby, get it ready!"
 Kimberly lays back on the table and removes her bikini. She looks over at Lily..
Kimberly: " You might as well slip off your panties love and climb on my face..I want to eat your sweet pussy!"

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kimberly slips down onto Carly's lap. She starts to grind and diffently feels what Lily told her
about. She smiles seeing Carly looking at her breasts. She flashes Carly her hard nipples.
Kimberly grins feeling Carly growing hard. She grinds even more, back and forth seeing its
effects in Carly's eyes.
  Lily watches her new business partner ungulating on Carly's groin. Carly's hands holding Kim's
hips and those two moving as one. Lily gets a sexual thrill seeing Carly getting aroused by
another woman. Her own body getting turned on as she watches. Lily fights off a pang of
jealousy over Carly. Getting a bit confused, she is jealous yet incredibly aroused herself
watching. She reaches down feeling her moist panties.
  Carly holds Kimberly's hips as she grinds on her. The red head is stunning, but Lily is the prize
she wants most of all. She can't tell Lily about her feelings. It just wouldn't be right. She can't
stop herself from getting aroused with this beautiful woman on her lap. She sees Lily watching
and catches a look in her eyes, is it jealousy?

Kimberly: " Is that what I think it is under your skirt?"

Carly: *blushes* " Umm, yes. I'm sorry I can't hide it better when your giving me this lap dance.
your incredible"

Kimberly: " Don't be so shy darling, I love feeling your hard cock under me. Makes me think you
want to fuck me. Or am I mistaken?"

Carly: " umm, well, no your not wrong."

Kimberly: " Then you do want to put your hard cock into me, don't you?"

Carly: " Yes, I do. I want to fuck you so badly."

 The girls arrive at the pub a couple hours before closing. They begin drinking and enjoying the
music and the girls. Lily and Carly giggle and chat and enjoy each other much like BFF's. Carly
eyes the Redheaded bartender all night. Lily askes Carly if she likes her and of course she does.
Lily gets an erotic thrill when she asks Carly if she'd like to fuck her. Carly hesitates but
horniness wins out and she finally admits she'd love to fuck her.
  Lily makes it clear that the bartender is the owner Kimberly, and she is going to be a present to
Carly for being the first student teacher Rose Hill's has ever taken in. She wants her to feel at
home here.
  Carly and Lily flirt with each other till closing time came. The doors locked Kimberly clears the
table and climbs up dancing for her special guests. Kimberly's body is tanned and her tits are to
die for. Perfectly firm and shaped. Carly's eyes lock on her as she dances for them. Lily had told
Kimberly before about Carly's impressive condition. Kimberly hasn't gotten laid in over two
  Kimberly quickly gets turned on as the girls watch her. She sees Carly shifting in her seat, and
smiles having seen that action many times on guys that get her dances. Kimberly smiles knowing
the place is closed and anything might happen now. Lily throws out large tips and offers
Kimberly 5000 dollars for a VERY special dance for the both of them.
  Being behind on her rent money she takes the offer having already decided to give only her
second ever SPECIAL dance. This time she will make sure she enjoys her former classmates
charms too....

Girl's Night Out
  Pappy's Pub sits down the main road leading to Rose Hill's Academy For Girls. The bar has been

there for over 60 years and has been taken over by the daughter of the former owner. Kimberly

Troupe now runs the bar which has been a local favorite hangout since it opened. It's a warm

friendly bar catering to the local working man.
  For the past 30 years, it was the best place to watch pretty girls serve your drinks and food after

work for the local factory workers. The bar became sort of a topless establishment for the past 6

years. The servers gave table and lap dances and often went topless serving patrons if they were

tipped enough. It was the only topless place around for miles. Then a real strip club opened up

in the nearby town of Dalton.
  This new place had strip poles and loud music and lots of dancers. This started to effect Pappy's

cause it was never a real strip club. Then when the economy went south a few years back and the

 local factories began closing, Pappy's took a real hit. It was at this time Kimberly took over the

bar from her father. It was a struggle to remain open, but she endured.
   Kimberly had attended Rose Hill's Academy for Girls just up the road. When Lily Stevens

stopped in one afternoon, it was the turning point for Kimberly yet she didn't know it. Lily had

returned from getting her Law Degree and had just started working back at the Academy as the

legal counsel. Both women recognized each other from school, Kimberly was one year behind

Lily. They both quickly caught up with news since school.
   Over the short time Lily had helped Kimberly out in a few legal matters. She became aware of

Kimberly's bad financial situation. Kimberly began having to work at the bar 7 days a week often

for 16 hours a day. She refused to dance or strip though, not wanting to take tips from  her girls.

Lily would often come into the bar 2 or 3 times a week and make sure the girls were making

good tip money and could afford to remain working there. Lily usually drops several thousand

dollars a week there. Lily can afford it with her own substantial wealth.
   Over the years Lily has made many contacts in government and business communities. She has

learned that permits for the mostly abandoned industrial area was issued to begin to open new

factories. New housing and commerical areas are planned in the area. New growth there will

stimulate and grow the local businesses.
    Lily knows its still a few years away to see the major improvements. She wants to invest a bit of

her liquid capitol into Pappy's and become partners with Kimberly. Kimberly is unaware of the

coming boom, yet she can't stay open unless she gets more investments in her bar. she thinks

Lily is crazy to want to buy into the bar but agrees, selling 40% of the bar to Lily. Kimberly retains

full control of the bar. After signing the papers, a major pressure is lifted off Kimberly's

   Lily invites her friend Carly to the bar. Ever since Lily met Carly the two clicked instantly. They

call each other on the phone many times a day, instant best friends. Lily feels more than just

friendship for Carly. Lily is very distrustful of men after being sexually assaulted in college. Yet

she still desires that filling experience only men can give a woman. Her sexual interests though,

are towards women.
   Lily is drawn to Carly like peanut butter is to jelly. She knows Carly is also into other women,

but she is afraid to voice her feelings to Carly. Lily decides to invite Carly to an after hours party

at the pub....

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Carly Waits with Melody as Sierra gets her pictures taken. 

I'm still working on more scenes. Some are not coming along as I wanted and was scrapped till I can redo them. This is the learning curve I guess. I did a few frames that I'll post, they are not my best work but still might as well post them. I'm working on better. I hope you might enjoy them.
Carly meets Lily to sign the employment papers. The two hit it off immediately and are instant best friends.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Name: Sierra Lynnette Winters
Age: 28
Occupation: Director of Physical Education
Status: Married
Preference: Bi Sexual

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Hey everyone,
 I'm working another set of panels with Carly. I should be getting a few more posted soon. I'm also getting the Bios for the other actresses. Keep checking back for more or better yet follow my blog. Thanks

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The girls slip under the blankets and quickly fall asleep. Carly snuggles into April's body and April reaches over and holds Carly's cock as she drifts off to sleep. Now the sisters have shared everything together. Feeling even closer than sisters, much like lovers.
End of first series. I'm interested in what you think. Feel free to comment or drop me a note.
I am only beginning to learn 3d modeling as I go. I plan on following Carly's progress into her new job teaching at Mistress Sonja's Academy for Girls. The Bio's for some of the others from the school have been posted and a few more are expected soon. Carly's special gift and now enhanced sexual drive are exploited at the school, when she finds she's pulled into the seedy underground run by the schools administrators.

Monday, February 3, 2014

April lays back as Carly withdrawls her cock from her. she lets out a remorseful moan as the pleasure stops. April reaches out to take Carly's cock and starts stroking her quickly. she notices that her little sisters shaft is much bigger than it was before, ans she felt it getting bigger too! She gives it long strokes then she feels it pulsing, The first blast of semen hits her in the face then she adjusts her aim and lets that hot sticky jizz start to cover her firm tits. Milking every drop from it. She sees the pleasure on Carly's face.
"Lets get a quick shower then we can head to bed, I'm exhausted" grins April.

Carly poses in the student store after hours
Carly relaxes with Sydney (left) and Misty (right) getting her picture taken right after a little fun in bed. 

Name: Melody Melinda Michaels
Age: 34
Occupation: Admissions Director
Status: Married
Bio: Melody is the admissions director for Rose Hill Academy for Girls. She is outgoing and loved by all the staff and students. Melody has posed for the school's web site several times. She always belived herself straight, but since taking the job at the school she is beginning to question herself. 

April climbs on her sister, feeling that huge schlong slip easly back inside her. Carly holds on to her sister's hips as her mega cock slips back inside that tight wet pussy. Carly's hips thrust faster jackhammering April's pussy. Hearing the moans from April and actually feeling her vigina pulse and quiver as she orgasms. Carly still feels that odd sensation in her penis. She actually feels it growing more. What's going on? Why is her cock getting so big?

Spooning April, Carly can feel the pleasure building. She notices that her cock doesn't seem to be going as far in as before yet she still feels April's cervix on each thrust. April's body feels like Jello. letting Carly do what she wants just so long as she gets her orgasms.
" Fuck my pussy like you own it! That's it, claim my cunt for your own!" moans April.
" I want to cum on your tits, lay on your back" pants Carly.