Thursday, January 23, 2014

The bartender talks with her brother and he tells her not to use the drugs and to destroy them, he would give her the other ones later. He tells her that they discovered strange side-effects in certain groups of people. He tells her that the affects last longer than it should and it depends on the  person as to what the effects are. It was also known to alter a woman's vagina or even a man's penis. The sensitivy increases so that it takes very little to orgasm, but the orgasms are so intense it often takes everything out of a person. Lastly NEVER give it to a transexual taking hormone therpy. When Estrogen and Testostorone mix it can alter a persons brain and body chemistry. The person begins to exsude pheromones that affect others in the close proxcimity. When mixed with booze few people can resist and even the normal family relations can be overlooked.
 "OMG is there any cures to that? How long does it last?" askes the bartender.
 " they seem to be perment as far as we can tell" replies her brother. " Please tell me you didn't give it to anybody!"
 " No, of course not" she replies.

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