Thursday, April 30, 2015

Phoebe Olsen

Phoebe Olsen

Phoebe poses just after she played with her cock making it longer yet still flaccid for these pictures. 

Phoebe was referred to us actually by her parents. She is the offspring of a dickgirl and female relationship. Pheobe is the so called second generation dickgirl a rare birth indeed. The usual offspring of such coupling don't have cocks unless they are males. Phoebe proved that the dickgirl trait instilled in humans can be passed along. 
 The rare event also changes the usual two growth periods dickgirls go through as their penises grow to their full sizes. Phoebe only had one, it came later than normal but was twice as intense as her cock doubled in size in a matter of a few weeks. She is also fertile all month long and not in cycles as most dickgirls, but she can't produce the massive amounts of semen as the other dickgirls she can still produce a generous amount. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We Are Grace'd Again

She Graces Us Again
Grace Miller shows us she's got the biggest cock at Senderland Studios. 
Grace gives me a seductive look at her massive moisture missile stands out proudly at 15 1/8 inches. She is finally coming to grips with her desirability wielding such a monster prick. Always considering herself a freak, living and working around the studios has showed her a enormous phallus is a blessing and she is highly desired by our female staff, both for on camera work and off camera relationships. 
Growing up on a remote ranch before being moved here to be on staff, never gave Grace much chance at dating. Lately she is confidently walking around with that gigantic bulge hanging down her pant leg for all to see. Maybe now she might accept our offers to put her into videos. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

How'd They Get That Shot?

OK, How did they get that shot of Wendy flirting with me, quite effectively I might add. We do spend a lot of time together at the studio and elsewhere. We seem to talk on the phone allot, I checked my phone log and most of my minutes are to her, how odd. Since I can't date the employees there is little left, yet she seems to think we ARE dating. She wants to start staying over at my place on the weekends. She is quite attractive and I ache to have her, but I haven't thus far. She still pursues me and I might be ready to stumble. She is my favorite redhead and well I seem to always be on set when she's posing. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Contract is here

I just finished a short series posted on its own page. I hope to create several short series and get them up faster. I tend to wander in thoughts often and I have a couple longer series unfinished just waiting on more inspiration. I though if I do shorter ones then I can keep adding on to them and you can get more content faster. 
I'm looking for feedback on this style and if it's working. Also I can gauge how well each series is doing and continue them of end them and start others. It's kinda like a soap opera style in a way. Your feed back on subject, theme, storyline is important so leave a comment or drop me an email. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Suprise Visit

Kahlan Amnell

We were shocked to say the least when Kahlan walked in our studios. This stunning brunette is hard to track down. Her all natural breasts leave all who see them breathless, once again grace our site. As you can see she still has that quality to keep us wanting MORE.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jasmine Cooper

Jasmine Cooper

Senderland Studios is proud to introduce Jasmine Cooper. Jasmine is a 2 time national junior body building champion for her age and weight class and a national grand champion for overall competitors. Jasmine is attending Rose Hills Academy for Girls to finish her education. 
  Jasmine is living with her older sister Alice in Rose Hills. Alice is a former body builder champion and currently owns a gym in town. Jasmine has a tough workout and school schedule so she has no social life to speak of currently. 
Jasmine was referred to us by another body builder student we also work with Misty Moon. Jasmine is a born exhibitionist and gets turned on showing off her stunning body. She often gets shunned by other girls for her physique. Jasmine told us in our interview she hopes to star in a few videos and photo shoots and meet someone she can fall in love with. She currently trains for her first event in the adult competitions. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Olivia And Demi

Olivia and Demi wait by the indoor pool for one Demi's friends to arrive. Olivia having only just started working at the school, knows very few of the girls. She's never really had much luck with boys yet she's not a virgin. Olivia's thankful to one of her other friends for getting her an audition at Senderland Studios, now she is able to earn a bit of spending money. Olivia can't understand the interest she's getting but she's diffidently liking it. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Olivia's First Shoot

Here are some of the images captured during Olivia's first paid shoot for Senderland Studios. " I can't believe that anybody wants to see me naked. I have no tits to speak of and I'm not that attractive." said Olivia durning her interview. She hadn't even concidered modeling before, but now she might decide to do more than just model solo. 
  We asked her if she likes other girls and she blushed bright red as she nodded. When we asked if she might like working with some of our dickgirls, she became very nervous and said she'd like to start off slowly. She has had a 2 male lovers in the past and wasn't sure about taking on 13+ inches of hard meat just yet. She did agree to pose with some of our girls though.