Friday, August 18, 2017

Janet's Layout

Janet has always been a petite girl, then in the 5th grade her breasts really started to develop. She was shunned at school for the next few years by all the other girls for having such huge breasts. When she got into high school she became popular and well liked especially by all the boys. She had been very  shy about her huge tits, but now she decided to pose for us wanting to finally show off her girls.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Carly's Little Secret Re Envisioned

Do you remember this picture in the beginning of my blog? The top is the poor original DAZ rendered model. I recently went looking for one of my first series 'The Contract' and found it missing off my Google drive and off my hard drives and I found this file. Just for kicks I re rendered it in Octane and a few minor adjustments. This is more how I wanted it the first time. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Candy Store

I was working on a sexy grandmother, as requested by a follower, and I got Eleanor (sorry not the name you wanted). Eleanor is in her early 50's and still has a sexy body. Her massive cock still gets rock hard and she can prove it.
Eleanor is posing with her Granddaughter Anne, who seems to have gotten her grandmothers genetics. Both Anne's parents are normal, as normal as it gets anyway. They are posing with Rita, a good friend of Anne. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Horrible News

As usual, Microsoft's attempt at making a good OS failed again. The way they do updates is to roll them into a huge file so you can get all your back updates in one shot. Nice if your way out of date. I had a update that refused to install and I had no idea which one it was nor could I bypass it. So after 3 months of no updates and thousands of reboots, many at the WORST time, I had to try and reset my windows machine Microsoft's way, BAD IDEA.
I was stuck with a non booting machine. I had to get a copy of the OS and reinstall from the beginning. That destroyed all my settings and how my programs were. Now I had to rebuild from scratch. I didn't lose anything data wise, but DAZ and Octane aren't working the same as they were before. CRAP!
It's not appearing I can continue on with the series I was working on, I will have to re texture nearly all my sets and they might not be identical to the original ones. I still have a couple series I have ready to release shortly, but a couple back stories of a couple new actors will have to be redone. So this puts me back a bit. 
If DAZ would work smoothly on Linux I would have been using it along time ago. 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Payback is here

After helping Peyton with her studies, allowing her to pass her finals, Kassidy asks Peyton to accompany her to the beach on a nude photoshoot. Kassidy has more in mind than just letting Peyton sit and watch...