Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Getting Relaxed

Kahlan feels a bit more relaxed as her sister Samantha takes a few more pictures for her web profile. Kahlan doesn't think a few nude pictures will hurt her modeling career in the future, plus making a few bucks in the mean time can't hurt. She thinks nobody will see these pictures anyway. Kahlan feels a bit odd having her sister seeing her naked and taking pictures of her. It's a strange turn on being naked in front of a camera.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kahlan Gives In

Kahlan's sister Samantha was quick to snap a few shots of her posing nude. Here is one of them taken. I hope we get to see her full photo shoot when it occurs. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Kahlan Decides

Kahlan has decided that she could do a little modeling for her sister Samantha's web site. Kahlan has always wanted to be a model. Samantha's site seems to be more an adult web site and so she would need to pose nude. She has come to the conclusion that she could pose nude. She does rather enjoy others looking at her body and she likes the attention it affords her. 
Samantha was quick to comply and snapped a few shots of her sisters incredible body. Now the trick will be getting K to pose with her other models and she is not sure K will do a much desired video with Carly. We shall have to wait and see.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kahlan Posing

Kahlan's older sister Samantha has asked Kahlan to pose for her web site ever since she turned 18. Having just moved in with her, she struggles to get herself on her feet. She works as a bartender at the local bikini bar and makes good tips, but she still needs to make bigger money. She studies her body thinking that it might just make her some much needed cash. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Carly's Weekend with Lily

Senderland Studios recieved a few shots from Lily via email from her tropical island villa. We are not sure how she got them, but we just had to post them. We see Carly doing something incredible! 
Lily told us that Carly showed her that she could lick the tip of her penis. After showing her she could, Lily urged Carly to see if she could suck on her own cock. Carly assured Lily she could, but Lily being a lawyer wanted to see proof. With only a handful of people on the island itself and nobody within 10 miles of Lily's villa, Carly bent forwards and put the tip of her lengthy cock in her own mouth. 
Lily was amazed and so turned on she encouraged Carly to continue. Carly was so sexually turned on by learning the fact that Lily loved her and they are a couple and Lily's hand stroking her rock hard cock while they talked about it, Carly herself was so fucking aroused she kept on giving herself head. She started to stroke her shaft as she sucked on her cock. She could only suck on the first couple inches. 
Lily watched her getting off, the way her hands stroked her cock. The way she moaned and the way her mouth caressed her own cock. We learned later that Carly was so turned on by Lily watching her doing this and the way she felt at the time she felt her orgasm building like no other ever had. 
Lily told us she could actually see Carly's shaft pulse when Carly orgasmed! She watched Carly ejaculate in her own mouth, then pull back as the semen kept shooting out her cock. Carly's hands kept stroking as her whole body trembled. Lily watched her now other half, wearing the semen on her face she craved. 
As Carly swallowed the not so insignificant amount of semen she shot in her mouth, Lily started to lick off of face. Cleaning off her lovers face. 
Lily told us they would be back for classes on Monday. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Download link

Hey friends, just a quick mention I now have a download link for my "Trip to the Dean's Office" available on the last entry. I will offer downloads for my story series if you want them.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lily and Carly on a weekend getaway

When Carly began to hang out with Lily she had no idea of Lily's wealth. Lily living modestly, wanted to get somebody that wants her for her and not for money. Carly fit that bill exactly. The two fell in love eating take out and inexpensive restaurants. It wasn't til after the two committed to one another that Lily snatched Carly on Friday afternoon and took her in a limo to the airport. A private jet awaited them to fly them to a small tropical island. They were taken to a nice villa overlooking the bay. It wasn't till Sunday when they finally decided to get out of bed and enjoy the weather. 
Carly finally asked how she could afford this trip. Lily told her finally, that this was her villa. She usually charters a jet to take her here every other weekend. Since there are so few people on this private island she often never wears a bikini on the beach. 
The two lovers sit out enjoying the sun. Lily brings up the subject of Carly's modeling work for the school. The two discuss the opportunity for Carly to make a huge amount of money for her extraordinary cock. They decide that Lily will mange Carly's career. Lily doesn't mind Carly fucking others, but she can only ejaculate inside Lily and no other. Which is not a big issue since they want to see the money shot. 
Lily begins to kiss Carly and she strokes her cock making her hard, she wants to feel her lover inside her again. Sex near constantly all weekend and Carly still gets hard with little effort. Lily wants Carly to know she's owned now. Carly is Lily's now. Which Carly doesn't mind at all.

To Prove Her Point

To prove her length to all the doubters out there, Carly had to get two rulers to measure her erection. 14 1/2 inches+ 

Monday, May 5, 2014


So, I have to ask. Do you guys like it when the panels get posted in small groups or shall I wait til they are all  complete before posting the story? Leave me a comment or email me, I'd like to know.
 Thanks for watching!

A Trip to the Dean's Office Conclusion

Stacy sucks and strokes Becky's hard member. She listens to the moans and feels the girl's thrusting into her mouth. Then she hears a gasp and feels a shudder as Becky's shaft begins to pulse. Stacy feels the first blast of hot semen shoot into the back of her throat quickly followed by another. Stacy quickly opens her mouth still stroking the throbbing dick. 
Stacy quickly realizes that this girl is ejaculating more semen than she thought possible. Spurt after spurt of the baby batter fills her mouth and hits her face as she strokes. Finally after what seemed like a pint of sperm, Becky begins to go limp and sighs in total release. Looking up at Becky she plays with the inhumanly large amount of semen in her mouth with her tongue before swallowing every bit of it. Stacy noticed a unusually sweet taste, not the salty glob normal to semen. 
Becky looks down seeing her Dean swallowing her goo. OMG she even uses her finger to wipe the mess off her face and swallows that too! It's been a while since shes had sex with somebody new. 
After a short period of after sex bliss, Dean Feldman finishes reprimanding the girls. "You have convinced me to let you two have another chance." States Dean Feldman. 
"OK Girls, you have to shape up! You can't be doing those things that got you sent here anymore. You are now on Double Secret Probation until the end of the year. Any more bad behavior and I might not be able to save your positions in this school. Do you two understand me?" berates Dean Feldman. " Yes we understand" replies the Twins. "I'm going to check in with you two on a biweekly schedule. Every other Friday after last period you both will come here to this office and we will, umm discuss your progress." Says Dean Feldman. " Go get dressed and head back to your dorms and wash up, you both smell like pussy!" 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dreams: Carly's Nightmare

People can have strange dreams. Carly is no exception. She dreamt that Lily had a massive cock and she was a regular woman. Getting her lover stiff as a board she wakes up screaming....

( A little test render I was playing with. You have any comments on Lily turning Futa for this senerio or Carly having her pussy back?)

A Trip to the Dean's Office 4

Becky moves in behind Dean Feldman as Bonnie opens herself to the eager tongue. Stacy moans and whimpers as her pussy is pounded by that hard vigorous thrusting. Bonnie's pussy is filled with her cum as she repeatedly orgasms from Dean Feldman's expert tongue. Bonnie figures Dean Feldman is diffently a proficient carpet muncher from a long time ago. the room fills with the scents of sex.
Dean Feldman lays back on the desk spreading herself for the fucking she craves. Bonnie straddles the Dean's face and Becky watches her sister's pleasures as she slides her cock in and out of this soaking wet tight pussy. Becky knows her sisters facial expressions well and she is experiencing multiple orgasms for sure. 
Becky uses her thumb to rub Stacy's swollen clit. The slurping sounds and the wet thwacks of Becky's pelvis slapping Stacy's hips are covered by the orgasmic sounds coming from Bonnie. The muffled fuck noises from Dean Feldman can be just heard, as her body writhes from her own orgasms. Stacy has not been fucked like this ever! Her Ex was not greatly endowed, but Becky is! Stacy can barely control herself at this point. 
Bonnie weakly struggles off the Dean's face and into the chair. Stacy nearly collapses onto the floor but manges to stay upright. She grabs Becky's cock and finally gets to suck on it. She can taste herself all over it. Her hand strokes the rock hard shaft. Stacy is amazed at how hard it is. She looks up seeing the pleasure on Becky's face. She knows it won't be long til she cums....

More to come...