Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Contract Continues

The Contract series continues with The Hotel Room.

Download link on the Contract page.

Carly in Octane


We were lucky to get Carly back in front of the camera. We slipped out to the desert and she gladly slipped out of her clothes and we got these nice shots.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Simone Cypher

Simone Cypher

Simone now joins us here in Rose Hills. She became a partner in Lily's law firm. Simone recently moved here to be with her near brother Bill Sender. Simone and Bill grew up together on Bill's fathers estate. Bill's father, a very wealthy man, hired Simone's mother as a personal assistant when Simone was only 3 years old. She lived and was tutored along side Bill, now only 8. They did everything together, of course there were little chances to play with other kids being in a isolated estate in the country. They became like brother and sister, and for Simone love began to slowly develop over those many years. 
 When Simone was 15 she lost her virginity to Bill and gained his as well. Bill had gone off to the university and Simone was left alone, when Bill was not around on holidays and such. She began to see another boy in town and soon became pregnant at the age of 16. The wealthy parents of the father paid Simone off and gave her a generous monthly payments to support the child. 
The child, Rachel, was mostly raised by her Grandmother on the estate as Simone went off to the university and then law school. She lost track of Bill over the years. Then a short time ago she found a story online about Bill and Senerland Studios. She got in contact with him and soon thereafter she sold her flat and moved her and Rachel to Rose Hills to become a partner in Lily's law firm all arraigned by Bill. 
Simone is still deeply in love with Bill, having never had a man make her feel the way Bill does in bed. Simone has plans on becoming Bill's wife. Simone is open minded and taught her daughter the same things. Simone and her daughter and more like sisters when it comes to daily activities. They share everything with each other. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015


I'm starting to use Octane now. It's simply the best rendering option out there. So much faster than Luxrender. I've got a long way to go to use it properly but It's coming along. Some of my first renders are pretty basic but they look much better than what Lux gives in a small fraction of the time. I plan on redoing the Cast pages with new renders. Keep an eye on my website to see them. 

Here is a basic render of Wendy. She got a new hair style that I'm happy with. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mother and Daughter Pose

Simone and Rachel pose together for some erotic family outlay. Rachel talked her mom into posing with her for Senderland Studios. Simone never dreamed anyone would want to see her naked and everyone wanted to only see her daughter. She reluctantly agreed to strip down with her only daughter. 


Hey there everyone, I'm just letting you know I got Octane Render and plan on learning how to use it. I will be posting my works soon. Might take a bit to get them good. I still have some other Lux works to post. So I hope to keep my content fresh til I get Octane into full production. I have the next part to The Contract fully rendered out and it's in post production now. I hope to get that up shortly, since I put most of my free time into building my new computer to run Octane. I hope you all will bear with me. I have to Thank you all for your support over  the last year or so. Don't for get that I do love donations if you can spare anything to help me get more inventory for the girls to wear and play in. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Contract: I'm In

The Contract: I'm In!

Brandon got the call. They wanted him to sign a contract and star in Senderland Studio videos. He got an all paid trip to Rose Hills for the weekend and his first video shoot is on Monday. They asked him to bring along his little sister for a couples interview. No mention about Denna getting signed as well. 
 All weekend along together. They have to get comfortable with each other in a sensual way if they are going to do more videos together. The pervs at Senderland Studios got very excited at having another incestuous pair working for them. 

* I am in the middle of the next part of 'The Contract'. Production is going smoothly and this part will be longer than the first. This is a bit of a teaser so keep checking back for the next part. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sister's Duty

Sister's Duty
Catch the short series on it's own page. You can grab the link and download it there. Let me know what you think. There is more to come with it. 

Simone Cypher

Simone Cypher
This is Simone and she happens to be Bill's childhood friend and near sister. Simone grew up in the same house as Bill. Simone's mother was Bill's father's personal assistant and Mistress. They came to Bill's fathers employ when Simone was 5. Since Bill was home schooled by the best tutors Bill never had many friends. Even though Bill is 5 years older than Simone they became as brother and sister. 
  The pair was almost never apart until Bill went off to college. There was diffidently a romantic side to their relationship. Recently Simone and her daughter Rachel has moved to Rose Hills. Simone became pregnant with Rachel when she was 16. Simone finished school and went on to graduate law school and get her degree. Now she is in Rose Hills to begin work with Lily's law firm and to see her near brother. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Jasmine and Julie goof off a bit

Jasmine and Julie goof off a bit during Julie's interview of Jasmine for the Senderland Studio's website. Julie is enjoying Jasmine showing off her ripped body.

It was one of Jasmine's conditions to give the interview, Julie had to be naked as well.