Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's Here!

Kari's new adventure is now availiable. Look on the pages tab to download a copy. 


A Little Tropics Fun

Wendy and Kellie enjoy a little tropics fun in the sun. Kellie is giving Wendy a little bit of female attention and it seems Wendy is enjoying that attention.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Truth or Dare Coming Soon To Senderland Studios

A new series in production now. Coming Soon.

Test shots

Hey guys, I did a couple test shots that came out rather nicely. There are a few mistakes and errors and no back grounds on them. I just thought I'd post them anyway. We see Wendy enjoying Kellie's attention. These two redheads will be in an upcoming series. 
Don't fear, I have a new series ready to post in a day or so. Just finishing up a last render then, off in a Zip file and ready for downloads. I'm going to start putting them in a zip file for downloads and not post every one of the pictures. I think it might be a bit more organized. I'm certainly not a good webmaster, but I'm learning. The next series will feature Kari. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Spa Time: In The Sauna 6

Kahlan lowers herself onto Carly's protruding pole, feeling it slide in so easily. 

Within moments, Kahlan begins to give in to her desires and she finds herself succumbing to repeated orgasms. 

Carly wraps her arms around Kahlan and looks into her eyes. Carly can feel Kahlan orgasm repeatedly in only a few minutes. The feeling of a pulsing quivering pussy from this incredible girl sends Carly to the edge. 

"oh Gawd! I'm cumming! Slip off K" groans Carly. "I'm cumming again Carly, Don't stop! Let's cum together!" pants Kahlan as she becomes one with Carly, feeling her ejaculate inside her as she moans in Ecstasy. Kahlan herself gets washed over with her third orgasm made stronger as Carly's baby batter fills her vagina. 

(The cum shot came out so fucked up. Sorry about that, It didn't work out as planned.)

Carly feels incredible torn as they stand together in the heat and sweat. Kahlan feeling semen running down her inner thigh as they kiss and she reassures Carly that she wanted it inside her. 
" You laid claimed to my pussy Carly! It's yours now. I'm yours now." announced Kahlan. 
Carly's mind races as they hold each other. She can't believe she came so quickly for starter's. Kahlan's body is just too hot and her pussy was the tightest and it just caressed her shaft like no others have. 
"Let's grab a shower and get cleaned up" suggests Carly. What the fuck am I going to do? she thinks.

End of Part 1

Friday, July 18, 2014

Kelly and Kyle preview test

Kelly and Kyle relax after dinner on the couch. After having multiple bottles of wine the two are extremely drunk. Kelly couldn't help but to peek at the massive bulge Kyle has. 

This is a render of a series I'm working on. Kyle is also the first male model I've worked with. What you think? 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Spa Time: In The Sauna 5

Carly knows now that she's going through with this. Kahlan reaches out and guides that massive meat into her mouth. Her hand strokes the rock hard shaft Her mouth takes in the girth...

Kahlan kneels down giving Carly slow and even mouth strokes. Carly leans back moaning, this is the best blow job she's ever had. Her cock has never been so hard and she can feel Kahlan's tongue running along her shaft....

Carly can feel the pleasure building quickly. She wants this so bad and loving it! Kahlan reaches down rubbing her clit, she's soaking wet and horny as she's ever been. Kahlan couldn't believe a dick of this length could get so hard. She can taste Carly's precum oozing out of the her cannon. 

More to come....

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Spa Time: In The Sauna 4

As the heat rises in the sauna, so does Carly's arousal. All Kahlan has to do is run a single finger along the shaft lightly and the 14 inch meat stick comes alive. Carly has never gotten so hard so fast with no actual physical stimulation before. 

Kahlan knows now that Carly wants her as bad as she wants Carly. She grips Carly's rock hard shaft and slowly strokes her. Kahlan's actions are slow and methodical as to arouse Carly completely, mentally and physically. 
At this point Carly has never been so fucking hard before. Her penis aches as it tries to grow even harder. The slow actions by Kahlan seem to bring her excitement level to new heights. 

More to come...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Nude In Public: Promo Photos

Carly Green

Kahlan Amnell

Lily Steven

Lily Stevens

Just before the shoot begins we snapped a few promo photos of the girls. Lily was just there to watch but she was the first to give us a nice peak at her kitty.

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Spa: In The Sauna 3

Kahlan lightly caresses Carly. With very little effort Carly starts getting hard. Kahlan knows the weak words of protest are just Carly's way of feeling better as she does what she has wanted to do. Kahlan knows this is ment to be. The only other time she had sex she was greatly disappointed, this time she knows it will be the most pleasureable experience of her life.

*Note: I am working on another series along with this one. The other one will be posted as a set. This one is being posted as they are completed. I like getting some work out on a regular basis. I felt these two needed this release and I'm happy to give it to them. 


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Spa: In The Sauna 2

As the heat rises in the sauna, Kahlan gets a bit more than flirty. Carly has to admit there is an attraction between her and Kahlan. Carly shouldn't be in this position, she shouldn't be naked and alone with Kahlan in the sauna. Kahlan told Carly she made sure they wouldn't be disturbed. This time Kahlan is not just flirting, she wants Carly. Carly tries to resist, yet she hasn't just got up and walked out. Carly remains as Kahlan begins to touch her. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Spa: In The Sauna

Carly's been so busy lately working out with her half sister Kari. Kari wanted to get more fit so she doesn't look like some fat girl on camera when she does more videos for the university's web site. Kahlan finally asks Carly out to the spa. They decide on hanging out in the sauna to sweat out the toxins. Kahlan is persuading Carly to ditch the towels. Carly is a bit nervous because she's not supposed to be in this kind of position being engaged to Lily and all. No sex off camera, she agreed to it with Lily.