Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Frankie's Sunset

A short drive southwest of Rose Hills is the beach. We asked Frankie to stay here so we could get some more pictures of her monster meat. She has the thickest cock of all the girls at Senderland Studios and probally the longest. 
All dickgirls have a larger supply of blood than the normal person in order to fill their cocks to the enormous sizes, Frankie tells us she often gets lightheaded when she gets fully erect.

Kailie and Sophie

Sophie heads out with one of new girls Kailie, to get a couple test shots. Kailie is sporting something to be extremely proud of. It took much coaxing to get Kailie to show us her erection. We have to get her over her unease about showing her massive trouser snake, she tells us she has been hiding it since it began to grow when she turned 12. Now we have to talk her into having sex on camera.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Meet Frankie And A Couple Of Her Friends

This is Frankie with her friends Laura (right) and Cameron (Left). Cameron was able to talk Frankie into showing off her enormous penis to them. Frankie is not at all shy about whipping it out when needed, but she is shy about showing her new friends her macho sized Wang, she didn't want to scare off the girls. It's happened to her more than a few times as she is over 18 inches fully erect and has a incredible girth. 
Frankie finds it hard to find suitable partners as she can't fit into just any girl. She rarely lasts long before cumming as most all pussy feels to tight to her. 

Laura wanted to see Frankie fully erect so she begins to play with her cock.

After stripping down Cameron gets the honor of making Frankie fully erect. 

Laura is eager to suck on the biggest cock in Rose Hills. Despite being so thin she desperately wants to get fucked first. 

Cameron helps guide Frankie into Laura's waiting pussy. 

Soon Cameron flips around and goes down on Laura's wet pussy and lets Frankie get the feel of a really hot redhead's pussy. Cameron takes Frankie in fully after a bit of easy thrusts.

After bringing Laura to several orgasms Cameron feels Frankie's cock begin to pulse and withdraw, feeling it laying on the crack of her ass as it pulses and shoots several streams of hot thick semen, the first pulse hits Laura straight in the face and then it covers her back in the sticky mess. 

Frankie usually doesn't fuck her close friends, in the past, she has lost many close friends after she fucks them, most can't take her girth. Frankie is used to that, but these two seem to accept her as she is. Laura can't get enough of playing with it. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Morning Shower

I was playing around with a concept here. I'm not sure how much male female interaction is good on my site. I've only got a few guys as actors and they keep bitching at me to use them. Still I have the taboo angle in this concept, sick and twisted little me. Let me know what you think as to useing more guys in some of my sets. Never fear though, they are not a big part of the whole Rose Hill universe.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Home Sweet Home

I found this series hiding in my folders along with my other series The Offer. I held them back due to some mistakes in them. Again I was talked into posting this one as well. It has some background mistakes, the alpha channel kept switching off for some reason and I was too lazy to render nearly half my shots again. I was going to circular file it but kept it. So here it is, Home Sweet Home. 

 When April goes off to Rose Hills University she has to leave her bestie back home to finish high school. Now she comes back to visit and decides to pay a call to her old best friend Sophie. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Anna Poses

Anna poses with Cameron so they can send us here at Senderland Studios this photo hopeing to gain an audition slot for the fall semester recruitment drive. I don't think Anna has anything to worry about, she sent in her measurement at 18 1/16 inches. She is by far the biggest girl yet here at Rose Hills and such a petite girl as well.

On the mind...

Getting into audition for Senderland Studios is sometimes on the minds of the girls way before they even get to campus. Senderland Studios only hires girls with over thirteen inches and an erection is mandatory during the interview process. 

Another neighbor girl, Jasmine wanders over and poses with the girls in order to get Laura erect. 

Meeting In The Ladies Room

Around Rose Hills University, you often hear strange noises in the bathroom stalls. Cameron is taken into the bathroom on her initiation into one of the most popular sororities on campus.