Friday, January 24, 2014

 April looks over, now seeing Carly in a different way. Her eyes appraise her little sisters figure, knowing whats hidden in her tight pants. Her body reacts to the new thinking. Tingling fills her loins, a fire builds inside her. She thinks Carly is feeling similar cause she is getting looked at too. Now it seems she can't resist her baby sister. Something is attracting her, pulling her in.
 Carly feels her sister's eyes on her. She likes it, being looked at like a piece of meat. Her whole body tingles and she feels so powerful at this moment. She also looks at April as a sexual conquest. What the fuck is she thinking? She can't possibly do that. April would think she is some sort of pervert. She might even kick her out of the apartment. Oh lord, she is thinking about fucking her sister, she's sick! When she feels April"s hand on her thigh she freezes. When is slips to her inner thigh she moans softly willing that hand to feel her penis....

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