Friday, April 27, 2018

Just wanted to say thanks

I just wanted to say thanks again to those people who sent me some donations. I REALLY appreciate them and they all go back into new items for my girls. Every little bit helps, I don't want to go over to Patreon and make my followers pay to see my content. I like doing this and keeping it free. So if you like my stuff don't want to see it cop out like so many others and hide behind a pay wall, think about donations. 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Look Who's Back

After some negotiations they are back, Carly and Lily Stevens. I spent a while on reworking these two girls. I went from the original Victoria 4 base models to the new Victoria 8 base. After loosing my hard drive a while ago with all my DAZ stuff on it. My older V4 inventory has never worked right and only a few things still do in fact function. If I spent enough time on it I might get it working again, but it's not worth the effort. I have very few things I still use from that era. 
Carly and Lily models were corrupted and were useless. I have liked Carly and Lily from the beginning and was sad to lose them. So I spent many hours redoing them from scratch. All I had to use was old renders. Carly came out the closest to what she was, while Lily got a modern refresh. I was still able to use Carly's original hair so that was a big plus, but Lily was out of luck. Her hair was unable to open and it wasn't particularly good to begin with. Her facial features couldn't be replicated with the older morphs and body shapes used to make her unavailable in a more modern model base. I think she looks really good now. 
I want to make Carly and Lily a focus again in the Senderland Studios series. They finally decided to come back to Rose Hills and settle down. I personally am happy they are back.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

This Card is AWESOME!

Here is the test picture. 

I thought I'd post a final update to my computer issues. I finally have everything back up and running, now better than ever. After rebuilding my computer and upgrading it, I found out the issue I had was my main rendering graphics card failed. I'm not sure what went wrong with it but it wouldn't allow me to boot when it was in the machine. 
After spending a LOT of money basically building a new computer, now I had to fork out about the same amount of money to replace my gtx 980ti card. I certainly didn't want to have to do it but I couldn't go back and run only on my two gtx 970's. There wasn't enough Vram to do most of my rendering. So I had to dig deep and upgrade again to a GTX 1070ti. 
This bad boy has 8gb of vram, two more than my 980ti. I LOVE this new card! I just got it in, after the first card was defective and was returned and this is now the replacement. This card is frigging great, if I had the money i'd have gotten the 1080 with 11 gb of ram but I couldn't justify getting it. Let me say that I have a few sets I bought that were too big to open and render in with my ram limits. I couldn't have more than 4 characters in most sets unless the sets were stripped down to min props. The new card  needed to tested on how much could be opened in it. I was able to open the Club 9 set, the full version ( some of the other artists I read have had the same problems with how big the set is and they could not use it like I couldn't) and get it rendering with no problems. So I figured I'd tray more. I began adding actors 4 at first, again no problem. I was like wow, let me add more. So I added 4 more and again no problems! I am now at 10 actors and it only just then had to use out of core memory. 9 actors can be opened in this set and still only use the cards ram. The only limits I'm seeing are from DAZ studio, the program slows down a bit making movements sluggish and I use Octane to render in and it is also a bit slow and sluggish, but it works! Speed wise, it renders about the same speed as my 980 did and both 970's together. So no improvements on how fast I can get a typical render done in, usually around 3 hours. 
I might post that render after it finishes. 

Friday, April 6, 2018

More Kennedy

Kennedy's mom took a series of pictures of her in the shower. Then she talked Kennedy's cousin Tootie to join in. It wasn't hard to convince her, cause she has had a crush on Kennedy for a few years now. Tootie is very nervous about doing this, but once she gets in the shower she can't control her erection. It becomes quickly obvious she's more than just a little turned on by her cousin Kennedy.