Wednesday, January 29, 2014

 " I swear Carly, I think your dick is getting bigger. I can almost feel it growing in my mouth." swoons April.
 " It looks much bigger than it was before, must be cause I am so fucking horny. You ready for this April?" Replies Carly. 
 "More than ever! Give me a birthday present I'll never forget!" says April as she strokes the massive member of her sister.

April bends over, her ass in the air wiggling it. Carly holds her might tool and eases it in her sister.
" Oh gawd! Be gentle! You fucking huge! Slowly! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" moans April.
" Your a tight fucking bitch arn't you? Yes that's it, so tight and so wet! I'm going to enjoy makeing you scream my name!" Sneers Carly as her thick penis slides snuggly in April's vagina.
Carly Feels April moving back into her lengthy shaft. she listens to April moan in pleasure as she fills up every inch of  April's vagina. Looking down she sees nearly half of her shaft still exposed and she is still pressing against April's cervix. April's tight vaginal walls grip her cock as it slides back and forth. This is the best pussy Carly's ever had so far. Their bodies work as one as April grips the sheets and cries out. 
April feels another huge orgasm wash through her. she has had 2 massive orgasms so far and she is trying for more. She pushes her body back into Carly. Having Carly completely filling her is heaven.
" That's it, make me your bitch! Fuck your bitch sister's pussy. Can you feel how wet I am? All my cum for you baby!" gets out as she pants.
" It's like we are ment to be together, we fit perfectly" replies Carly. " Besides you are now my  secret whore. fuck my cock!"


  1. Wow. This is pretty intense stuff. I'm new to your blog, but what is the story behind these hermaphrodite characters? Were they born that way?

  2. Well, in Carly's case she was born a herm with unusually large male genitals and a tiny vagina. Her parents decided to let her choose when she got older on reassignment surgery. She got older and wasn't stupid and knew she had a huge penis and didn't want to fix it. I think she made a good choose myself.