Thursday, July 27, 2017

Big Man, Err Girl On Campus

Becky shows Molly her cock after cutting away from PE class.

Becky has made it all the way through high school with her growing secret. Finally just months before she graduates her secret is discovered. She is a dickgirl. The school administrators knew about it, she took private PE classes so the others wouldn't see her massive bulge in her gym shorts. 
She figured she could just leave quietly and attend Rose Hills University in the fall so she can quit hiding her cock, but that wasn't the case. Just months before school ended, some freshmen saw her in the shower and startled to see her Anaconda swinging between her legs. The rumors began. 
Since this is not Rose Hills and it's not normal for dickgirls to be in all girls schools, the administrators told her to keep a low profile until the end of school. The private lessons nearly all the teachers have been giving her had to stop. She had been fucking the entire staff at the school for nearly 6 years. Cut off from her sexual release, it's becoming harder to hide her constant erections.
This is why dickgirls should not attend even private schools that are not in Rose Hills. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The paparazzi shows up even here in Rose Hills. They were trailing the famous singer Cindy to Rose Hills. They caught her one morning at a hotel with a pretty fan. You can't even stroll onto your balcony for breakfast without getting seen.

The Hunger Question

You drive to this isolated campground wanting some peace and quiet to have a nice meal and watch nature in action. Then this little girl comes out of the woods completely starved looking and ragged, she approaches you and asks you for food.
Do you feed her your only meal? Do you take advantage of her? 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I think there is a captcha or something my browser is not showing me or something, I can't find anything yet on why I'm not able to post to my own blog. 
To answer a comment, I might consider doing a non consensual series in the future.

Fletcher's Bar

Fletcher Russel Ltd is a bar nestled in Burbank. Burbank sits about 10 miles north of Rose Hills and was one of the first cities in the area. The dickgirl influence centered in Rose Hills has seeped into the neighboring cities of Burbank and Pasadena. Fletcher's Russel was converted into a strip bar and brothel, most popular among the locals. The tourists still visit the world renown clubs just outside Rose Hills for their bevy of well hung dickgirls. Fletcher's caters to the locals with dickgirls and gorgeous women.

I'm working on some story ideas surrounding Fletcher's.

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