Hannah's Wish Part 1 & 2 & 3

Hannah's Wish

Here is a new series I'm working on. We meet Hannah, she has found it hard to make friends. She finds girls more sexually appealing, but she hasn't found girls with the same mind set. They all like boys. She figures it's because they have dicks. She gets fed up with it all and wishes with all her soul for a change...This is her story.

Hannah's Wish Part 1 Download Link

Hannah just arrives home and only finds her older sister Sandra and her best friend Kathy. 

I had to rerender a few of the frames do to found errors. You will note some difference on Hannah's dick. I was working on the bump maps. There are still a few errors in the some of the frames so I hope they don't stand out to badly. This is a learning process and I strive to get better as I go along. As usual any comments on the series is welcome. Any tips or tricks??
If you like my work and would like to help out an struggling 3DX artist then concider my Paypal button on the front page. A dollar or two will help out. Do enjoy my latest work. 

Hannah's Wish Part 2 Download Link

Hannah is back in school. She is called into the office to meet with the Asst Dean. She meets Wendy and learns she will be her school buddy for a few weeks until Wendy can learn the schools system. Hannah has different ideas on why she is in the Asst. Dean's office. What possibly can she be thinking?

 Hannah's Wish Part 3 Download Link

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  1. First: A merry Xmas! Second: Your work is amazing! Keep it going. And last: Are there going to be more episodes of Hannah's Wish? Thank You for your reply and I hope to see more of your epic work!