Monday, January 27, 2014

April turns to Carly and grabbing her cock through the pants. " This is what I want for my birthday. I want
your huge cock in me, I want you to fuck me!" stated April.
 " Are you serious? your my sister, we can do that" replies Carly. Yet Carly doesn't stop April from rubbing her. Carly's protest was ment to have little affect.
 " You have never thought about fucking me ever?" asked April.
 " Well, yes...but what would mom and dad say?" retorted Carly.
 " Who's asking them? They never have to know. I know you want to, your cock is telling yes." grins April.
 Carly's cock is indeed getting hard. She can't resist, she horny as fuck right now and she sees a hot piece of pussy right here willing. In reply, she leans over and kisses April, the two sisters tongue kiss as April lifts up Carly's sweater....

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