Friday, September 11, 2015

Senderland Club_Brother Tips 3

"OK Deena, now that he's paid you have to go through with this. Are you ready?" Violet watches Deena smile and nod her head. "This is your first time in the private rooms, it's important to make sure you leave the customer satisfied. He actually paid us extra to fuck us bareback so I hope you are on the pill like your employment contract suggests."

Deena quickly kneels in front of Brandon and begins to undo his pants. Violet stand there chatting with him trying to get a feel for what kinks he's into. 

After the pants come off, Deena takes her brother into her mouth. Hearing him moan, she begins to deep throat his growing cock. Brandon reaches over and begins to fondle Violet. Violet just smiles as Brandon's fascination about girl cock finally gets satisfied.

 Brandon slowly strokes Violet's cock, watching it grow erect in his hand. Violet has had many clients just like Brandon, wanting to experiment with a cock. They are not into men just so curious about girls with dicks. Violet actually gets so much pleasure from men like this, especially if she can get them to open up their man pussy for her. The way Brandon is interested in her cock she suggests to him that he might look for a dickgirl girlfriend. 

To be continued...


  1. I am so enjoying this series, both girls are so hot and this story is just as hot. I look forward to seeing where you take this story next.

  2. Brandon is getting caught up in the moment, Who knows what he might get himself into...