Thursday, September 3, 2015

Senderland Club_Brother Tips 2

Violet leans back against the pole showing Brandon what he just did to her. She's fully erect, showing him 14+ inches. Brandon holds his wad of bills now knowing just what he wants to spend it on.

Violet offers to get them a private room, but Brandon just wants to hangout on a couch until he gets up the nerve to tackle an encounter with a girl sporting a bigger cock than his own. 

 Over on the couch, Deena was quick to begin a lap dance for Brandon. She began rubbing her ass on his crotch, quickly feeling him grow erect. Feeling his hand cupping her breast and seeing him begin to stroke Violet's enormous erection. Deena knew it was up to her to get Brandon into a private room. Not only to see him play with Violet but to make some money. She wasn't above making it off her brother's lust for girls.

You know Brandon, in the private rooms you can watch me fuck your little sister. Imagine her taking this mega cock in her ass as she looks into your eyes. Better yet, while she is sucking your cock. You want your sister to suck your cock? In the private rooms you can even fuck your sister as she sucks MY cock. She is on probation, she can't refuse you once back in the private rooms. 
 Looking into Deena's eyes he agrees to take them both, the price set. He hadn't been with his sister in months, not since before he began to work at Senderland Studios as a male model.


  1. I'm really loving this story, very well done!

    1. Thanks! I'll be posting more as they come out.