Monday, September 21, 2015

Courtney At The Beach

Courtney spends the day at a private beach with her daughter Jenny. After a successful photoshoot, Courtney began avoiding Jenny wanting to sort out her feelings and what had happened. Jenny on the other hand took every opportunity to rub, bump or grind against Courtney's crotch. Courtney decided to just get away for the weekend and clear her mind. She couldn't not take Jenny along, so the two went to a secluded private beach so Courtney could finally enjoy the experience without having to wear huge men's swim trunks to hide her enormous phallus. 
We see Jenny finally venture into the water after working on her topless tan. Jenny couldn't stop staring at her mom's cock the entire time. Knowing she was being ogled, Courtney's cock became semi erect as she tried to not draw attention to it. 

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  1. Love this new page, I hope there will be more to this story of them on the private beach.