Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Courtney's Interview

Today we had a chance to have a sit down with Rose Hills newest resident and celebrity Courtney Dangers. 

 Bobby Ann O'Dell gets the story behind Courtney's choosing Rose Hills to settle down in. Courtney also recently discovered she's a father. Her daughter Jenny Dangers was able to finally track her down. After DNA testing we find out Jenny is the product of a semester long romance when Courtney attended Oxford university. After the girl left the university to attend to her aligning mother, she was never able to return. Courtney was brokenhearted and then dedicated her life to science and exploration, until she discovered her best biology experiment 18 years later. 
Courtney chose to move to Rose Hills because of it's openness to dickgirls. England wasn't big on girls with giant cocks. After being tipped off to Courtney's anaconda Bobby Ann got an interview with her for Senderland She even got a eye opening photo spread! Even getting  a mother and daughter to bond even closer. 
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