Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Senderland Club_Brother Tips 4

Sorry about the delay in getting more of the story posted. I did in fact finish the small series and this is it. I hope you enjoy it and if you do along with my other works I hope you might consider hitting that paypal donation button and donating a few dollars. I've thought about Patreon but I would like to keep my work free and open. I would like to keep expanding my inventory as to give you the best variety in my works. Thanks, Bill

Everyone moves to the bed and Violet immediately takes Brandon in her mouth while Deena begins to suck on Violet's huge erection. Watching his sister sucking on Violet's cock makes him think how nice threesomes are.
As Brandon lays back, Deena climbs up and straddles him and slowly lowers herself onto his straining dick. Deena is so wet she slides right down on his prick and starts to grind.

Brandon and Violet watch as Deena rides her brother's cock. His shaft becomes wet with her juices as she begins to pant in her own pleasures. 
As Brandon fucks Deena Doggie style he feels a pressure against his own ass. The pressure is insistent and finally penetrates his rectum. The sensation startles him but he doesn't resist. 
Feeling the hard shaft slowly slide deep inside him only intensifies his own pleasure. Violet's huge cock massages his prostate as he fucks. Brandon has never felt anything like this before. 
Deena screams like a banshee as she orgasms. Brandon keeps thrusting faster he can feel himself getting ready to cum and it keeps building, while Violet moves her cock around knowing just what to so to make Brandon cum like never before, besides she like the feel of his tight ass.
Brandon grunts and shakes uncontrollably as he ejaculates inside Deena's love glove. He has never cum so hard before and he knows it's cause Violets fucking his ass. At that moment he thinks a dickgirl girlfriend might be a real idea.
Now that he's satisfied, he wants to thank Violet by getting her off as well. He sits back and rides her unusually long phallus. Violet thrusts herself in hard and fast. She is getting close and wants to cum, she usually never gets to climax with anal sex with male clients. 
Violet tells Brandon she's about to cum and he jumps off and begins to jack her off. Within seconds she begins to shoot thick hot semen all over Brandon's chest. She cries out in total pleasure as she is milked for all she's worth. 
After Brandon wipes off Violet's cock snot, he pulls his pants on but is pulled back onto the bed by Violet. She puts her arm around him and begins to rub his arm with her cock. She tells him if he wants to return to the club to ask for her and she will take good care of him for a special price she only gives to repeat clients and that she'd be happy to let him watch as she fucks his little sister in front of him for free and that he should really think about a dickgirl girlfriend cause he sure knows how to please them and that he's not gay cause he got fucked by a dickgirl. All the while Deena watches and takes mental notes on how to get clients to want to come back to see them. Deena thinks she might have found her calling...and oh, she wants to get fucked by Violet in front of Brandon. Now she just has to get him to come back....
The End...?

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  1. I hate to see this one end as I've really enjoyed it and there are so many ways this story could go from here.