Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Senderland Club_ Brother Tips

Rose Hills' newest strip club owner by Bill and Simone Sender is in full swing and has gotten some of the top earners from DG's, the other dickgirl club nearby. Senderland club is the only dickgirl strip club in the city of Rose Hills and features many of the girls from the academy and the university. 
Violet was quick to move to Simone's club. She quickly moved to the top of the list with her great personality and her eagerness to use her impressive cock to make money. 
Here we see Violet showing Deena the ropes on dancing at a strip club. Deena seems to be a natural temptress. Deena's brother Brandon, who has been at the club for hours, has finally stepped up to his sisters pole. 
Brandon has been tipping the other girls in the club, getting lap dances, and watching the girl/dickgirl shows. Finally his sister Deena has teamed up with Violet on a pole. He moves over to the stage and watches them. He tips them both til they are naked. His eyes can't seem to move off of Violet. The way she makes eye contact, the way she moves her body, the subtle way she gets her long cock to move keeps his eyes riveted to her. 
Brandon is not interested in men in anyway, but he can't help staring at Violet's enormous penis. Seeing his little sister and Violet dancing together, touching one another, rubbing bodies makes Brandon's pants grow tighter. He moves up to the stage with a bundle of 100's and tips Violet and his sister for a pole show. Brandon wants to experiment and play with Violet some. He's never been so close to another dick before, except his own. Violet has no problems with men, she in fact loves nervous young men wanting just this kind of experience. She knows exactly how to handle this. 
 As the girls move seductively on stage Violet bends back and begins to lick Deena's pussy. Deena urges her brother forwards to check out that big cock. As Deena moans from Violets tongue she gets her brother to play with Violet's dick. She gets him to finally put it in his mouth. Brandon seems to be taken with sucking Violets cock and Violet begins to grow erect in Brandon's mouth and hand. He doesn't stop as her length just keeps growing. 
Deena wonders if she can get Brandon to take them both to a private room for some more intimate fun. Sex in the main club is OK between dancers, but club members need to go to the private areas. Sucking cock or hand jobs on stage are permitted along with making a dickgirl cum on stage. Being the professional she is, Violet is able to hold her orgasm at bay opting for a private area. If she knows she can't get the member into the back she will often cum in their mouths.  
Trying to be the professional dancer, Deena watches Brandon sucking Violet's cock making her grow huge and feeling Violet eating her pussy like nobodies business, she tries to quietly orgasm, not doing a very good job at it. She whimpers and moans and gives a audible gasp as she climaxes watching her brother suck cock for the first time and doing a pretty good job at it.


  1. I'm an even bigger fan of Violet after this quick series. :)

  2. The series will be added to as time goes on. She loves more fans