Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Girl's Night Out
  Pappy's Pub sits down the main road leading to Rose Hill's Academy For Girls. The bar has been

there for over 60 years and has been taken over by the daughter of the former owner. Kimberly

Troupe now runs the bar which has been a local favorite hangout since it opened. It's a warm

friendly bar catering to the local working man.
  For the past 30 years, it was the best place to watch pretty girls serve your drinks and food after

work for the local factory workers. The bar became sort of a topless establishment for the past 6

years. The servers gave table and lap dances and often went topless serving patrons if they were

tipped enough. It was the only topless place around for miles. Then a real strip club opened up

in the nearby town of Dalton.
  This new place had strip poles and loud music and lots of dancers. This started to effect Pappy's

cause it was never a real strip club. Then when the economy went south a few years back and the

 local factories began closing, Pappy's took a real hit. It was at this time Kimberly took over the

bar from her father. It was a struggle to remain open, but she endured.
   Kimberly had attended Rose Hill's Academy for Girls just up the road. When Lily Stevens

stopped in one afternoon, it was the turning point for Kimberly yet she didn't know it. Lily had

returned from getting her Law Degree and had just started working back at the Academy as the

legal counsel. Both women recognized each other from school, Kimberly was one year behind

Lily. They both quickly caught up with news since school.
   Over the short time Lily had helped Kimberly out in a few legal matters. She became aware of

Kimberly's bad financial situation. Kimberly began having to work at the bar 7 days a week often

for 16 hours a day. She refused to dance or strip though, not wanting to take tips from  her girls.

Lily would often come into the bar 2 or 3 times a week and make sure the girls were making

good tip money and could afford to remain working there. Lily usually drops several thousand

dollars a week there. Lily can afford it with her own substantial wealth.
   Over the years Lily has made many contacts in government and business communities. She has

learned that permits for the mostly abandoned industrial area was issued to begin to open new

factories. New housing and commerical areas are planned in the area. New growth there will

stimulate and grow the local businesses.
    Lily knows its still a few years away to see the major improvements. She wants to invest a bit of

her liquid capitol into Pappy's and become partners with Kimberly. Kimberly is unaware of the

coming boom, yet she can't stay open unless she gets more investments in her bar. she thinks

Lily is crazy to want to buy into the bar but agrees, selling 40% of the bar to Lily. Kimberly retains

full control of the bar. After signing the papers, a major pressure is lifted off Kimberly's

   Lily invites her friend Carly to the bar. Ever since Lily met Carly the two clicked instantly. They

call each other on the phone many times a day, instant best friends. Lily feels more than just

friendship for Carly. Lily is very distrustful of men after being sexually assaulted in college. Yet

she still desires that filling experience only men can give a woman. Her sexual interests though,

are towards women.
   Lily is drawn to Carly like peanut butter is to jelly. She knows Carly is also into other women,

but she is afraid to voice her feelings to Carly. Lily decides to invite Carly to an after hours party

at the pub....

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