Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kimberly leans over and kisses Lily. She feels Carly's cock getting larger. Her hips moving over and grinding on that massive member. Carly watches those two kissing and feels a pang of jealousy herself....
Kim quickly feels Lily's tongue probing her lips. she opens her mouth letting Lily's tongue slip inside. Kim slowly sucks on the warm wet snake. The two tongues dance around, first in Kimberly's mouth then Lily's. Lily feeling the warm breath of Kimberly tasteing her lip gloss. There seemed to be a pentup desire in Kimberly's kiss, maybe from back in school days...
 Kimberly sits back on table
Kimberly: " Ok sexy show me what you got hidden under there"
  Carly pulls her skirt back revealing a 9 inch cock that's not even hard yet!
Carly: " I got this..."
Kimberly: " Oh dear lord! that's a fucking huge cock! and wait! your not even hard yet are you?"
Carly: " No, not yet. It gets a bit bigger."
Kimberly: " Well baby, get it ready!"
 Kimberly lays back on the table and removes her bikini. She looks over at Lily..
Kimberly: " You might as well slip off your panties love and climb on my face..I want to eat your sweet pussy!"

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