Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The girls slip under the blankets and quickly fall asleep. Carly snuggles into April's body and April reaches over and holds Carly's cock as she drifts off to sleep. Now the sisters have shared everything together. Feeling even closer than sisters, much like lovers.
End of first series. I'm interested in what you think. Feel free to comment or drop me a note. BillSender@gmail.com
I am only beginning to learn 3d modeling as I go. I plan on following Carly's progress into her new job teaching at Mistress Sonja's Academy for Girls. The Bio's for some of the others from the school have been posted and a few more are expected soon. Carly's special gift and now enhanced sexual drive are exploited at the school, when she finds she's pulled into the seedy underground run by the schools administrators.

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