Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kimberly slips down onto Carly's lap. She starts to grind and diffently feels what Lily told her
about. She smiles seeing Carly looking at her breasts. She flashes Carly her hard nipples.
Kimberly grins feeling Carly growing hard. She grinds even more, back and forth seeing its
effects in Carly's eyes.
  Lily watches her new business partner ungulating on Carly's groin. Carly's hands holding Kim's
hips and those two moving as one. Lily gets a sexual thrill seeing Carly getting aroused by
another woman. Her own body getting turned on as she watches. Lily fights off a pang of
jealousy over Carly. Getting a bit confused, she is jealous yet incredibly aroused herself
watching. She reaches down feeling her moist panties.
  Carly holds Kimberly's hips as she grinds on her. The red head is stunning, but Lily is the prize
she wants most of all. She can't tell Lily about her feelings. It just wouldn't be right. She can't
stop herself from getting aroused with this beautiful woman on her lap. She sees Lily watching
and catches a look in her eyes, is it jealousy?

Kimberly: " Is that what I think it is under your skirt?"

Carly: *blushes* " Umm, yes. I'm sorry I can't hide it better when your giving me this lap dance.
your incredible"

Kimberly: " Don't be so shy darling, I love feeling your hard cock under me. Makes me think you
want to fuck me. Or am I mistaken?"

Carly: " umm, well, no your not wrong."

Kimberly: " Then you do want to put your hard cock into me, don't you?"

Carly: " Yes, I do. I want to fuck you so badly."

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