Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Fourteen Inch Club

I had a request to see Linda, Mindy and Kari proudly displaying their erect cocks. Well, here you go. 

Mindy was invited into the locker room to undergo the interview to get into the very exclusive 14 inch club. Very few of the dickgirls attending Rose Hills Academy for Girls can be accepted into this club. Only the top few that possess a cock at least 14 inches long can join. It is customary for at least two members to witness and measure the inductee's cock to verify her length and showing good faith they are required to show the same to the inductee. 
Kari tells of the time when Linda was measured into the club she actually ejaculated on the poor freshmen doing the measuring. Squeaking by with exactly 14 inches. Mindy has a comfortable margin on her cocks length as does Kari. 


  1. What are their extra-curricular activities like? How intimately involved is the faculty advisor?

  2. Maybe I could sneek into a club meeting and see what occurs during the secret meetings....