Monday, June 8, 2015

Penelope Poses

We get this glimpse of a new girl just hired. She has obvious qualifications as you can see. Penelope is new to modeling and still has much to learn, yet she is a quick learner. While new at Rose Hills Academy for Girl, she is making new friends quickly. 

Penelope told us it was quite a challenge adjusting to her growing cock. She entered her second growth very young and her penis seems to continue to grow, slowly now, but it still grows longer. She now holds the second longest cock title at 15 1/16 inches beating Hannah by 1/16 of an inch and is short of Grace by that same amount. 
Penelope is not shy about her pants python, it is impossible to hide it for long. She still gets uncontrollable erects once in a while during class and it makes a big scene sticking out from under her school uniform skirt. 
She is popular with all the girls at Rose Hills, yet they are scared to go out with her. I can't imagine why?


  1. I'm a little disappointed to be honest. From your post in January I would have considered Penelope to be much girthier. Now she seems to be a completely different model.

  2. Yes you are correct. I had to mod her a little, with such girth it's impossible to use her in any decent sexual poses. She can't fit into anybody's mouth or other holes. I had to bow down to a bit of reality, NOT that 15 inch cocks are realictic, but hey, artistic license.

  3. Oh I wouldn't have wanted her to be unable to fit in anybodies holes. So maybe it's for the best... lol

  4. until I can start useing a program like Zbrush or the like to morph the charactors I'm stuck with what I can do inside Daz. Thanks for the comment :)

  5. This character deserves a comeback. I mean, maybe something related to her still growing huge meat. Some story where she meets Grace Miller while her dick is still a bit smaller, and a meeting a couple of years later, measuring it again, and VOILÁ! Maybe some impossible girth would go nice, i mean... some dickgirl who has to find some other ways for fucking, or maybe only able to have it with some elastic ass girl... heh.