Monday, June 22, 2015

Charactor updates

I had to give a few of my older characters a skin update. Lily, April and the Twins are a few who got new skins. The old ones appear not to be high res and they look god awful when rendered in Octane. They are some of the original Girls created when I started to do this. I'll be posting some new pictures of them shortly. 
It also seems I have that short term attention disorder. I start lots of series but kinda shelve them after a few frames. I might post some of the frames I have done under a separate page one of these days. I might even finish some of I do have a couple I'm working hard on. I'm currently working on an idea for a longer series to do, the ones I'm working on are short ones. If you have any ideas on what you might like to see just drop me a note and I can see if I can work it into a series. Never know..

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