Thursday, June 18, 2015

Melody Michels

Melody Michels returns to the Senderland studios site.

Melody has been so busy at Rose Hills Academy lately, she was promoted to Assistant Dean. Melody is still married yet she finds the availability of fresh young cocks around the school very tempting. Since her husband is usually out of town on business she spends most of her time alone. She even finds time to teach a class or two to the first year college students attending Rose Hills, now that the school has extended their curricular to include a 4 year university degree program giving the dickgirls a safe place to get their degrees. Sadly they don't offer post grad studies at this time. There is a high enrollment among the dickgirls to continue on at Rose Hills Academy for Girls and even a waiting list for the girls, to get a slot in the academy's programs. What was once a small exclusive boarding school has become a expansive thriving boarding school constantly expanding to meet the needs of more students partly in response to Senderland Studios growing popularity, bring more attention to the needs of dickgirls around the world to come here and be themselves. As you walk the campus you now see more proud bulges the the pants of the dickgirls. 

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