Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Violet's Photoshoot

Violet's Photoshoot
We asked Violet to drop by the studio to get some nudes taken for the site. We had a sweet new girl booked to model with Violet. The girl never showed up, we thought we'd have to cancel. Luck for us Lily Stevens was in the offices on some business and overheard our problem. Lily offered to pose with Violet for some stills. 
  Since she is married she can't do any sex shots, only simlulated pictures. Once the camera started snapping Violet had other ideas and went a bit further. Lily was shocked at first, but then started to really get into the mood.
Here are some of the shots taken that day, more will be posted as they get through post production.


  1. Oh wow. I must have forgotten Lily and Carly were married! What a naughty girl :)

  2. Oh Yes! She's not supposed to be the one doing photoshoots. Once the shoot got going she couldn't stop, she let Violet have what she wanted to finish the shoot. Lily is feeling really guilty right now.

    1. Uh oh, sounds like this could cause some drama! Are we gonna see the aftermath, with Lily realizing she fucked up?