Friday, January 9, 2015

A Little About Dickgirls

I just thought I'd give you some information on dickgirls. Dickgirl births have begun to rise all around the world. There is little information as to why this is occurring. It is still a stigma to be a dickgirl in this day in age. Only one country has embraced them. Most families of dickgirls immigrate to this country or else find a way to send their dickgirls to it. The dickgirl birthrate has always been higher than average in this country. 
It is easy to tell a dickgirl at birth from boys. The size of the infants penis is usually longer for dickgirls. In the early days of this era it was not discovered your a dickgirl until you enter puberty. That caused many problems. Now scientists have discovered the tell tale signs of a dickgirl. 
Dickgirls have two growth spurts in which their penises grow in a short period of time. The first is at puberty's onset. The penis can grow 3 or 4 inches in only a few weeks the average size is about 7 inches at this point. The second one is the most dramatic, it occurs when the girl is about 15 and it usually grows another 4 inches in only a couple weeks and it usually is during an uncontrollable sexual frenzy. The average penis size for dickgirls is in the range of 10 to 12 inches. 
Some girls have been suffering unusual highly intense sexual growth times. Their cocks will often exceed 13 inches, many up to 15 inches. These girls will often have abnormal sex drives, above and beyond the normal high sex drives of all dickgirls. They will often exceed the semen production of the normal dickgirls as well. 
The sick bastard that runs Senderland Studios takes advantage of these poor girls. He videos them and makes money off their hunger for sex. 
It is not against the law in this country to have sex with underage dickgirls and incest is not a crime due to the fact the girls need frequent sexual release. Often the family will have to satisfy the girl's needs. It is very important to get the young dickgirl sexually active at the age of puberty. The semen production and orgasmic pleasure need to be exercised. The more often the young girl has sex the more semen they produce and the more intense the orgasms. So it is widely accepted in this country to teach the girls how to get pleasure in many ways so they can grow up to be fully functional dickgirls. If the girls don't start having sexual releases early on they often will have substantially weaker orgasms and little semen ejaculate production making it harder for them to procreate when the time comes for that.  


  1. In my subjective opinion your art is very good, ever thought about rendering hermaphrodites? The story is pretty good and while I enjoy hermaphrodites, well... I'm hetero so shemales are not my cup of tea.


  2. Wow! How did I miss this post?! That's a great explanation for the dickgirl phenomenon. Is this still consistent with Carly's heritage as a half-demon? and does that mean ALL dickgirls are half-demons?

  3. It can't be proved or disproved either way. Carly and her half sisters know the truth about themselves, but is the rest of them related or is the phenomenon growing out of control by itself? Most of the births can't be logically explained by the parents.

  4. Hey Bill. What do you find arousing about hung dickgirls?
    I'm not interested in men's dicks, but show me a genuine girl with natural boobs and a huge penis and I'm hooked! I'd love to kneel in front of one of these monster cocks and slowly take it in my mouth. It would be the first time I've tried it, so I'm not too sure I'd be any good at first, but I'll happily practice...