Thursday, January 22, 2015

Violet's Discovery At The Club

Violet gets discovered by Bill Sender and Samantha Woods as she dances up on stage.

The DJ announces it's Violets last set on stage. On the last sets the performers are allowed to get sexual favors from audience members. 

Bill urges Samantha to go up and audition that stunning purple haired girl. It is allowed but not often done, getting a blow job on stage in front of dozens of watchers. Sam drops a bundle of bills on the stage and eagerly takes Violet monster prick in her mouth.

Bill watches on as Samantha sucks off the biggest cock in the club. Stroking the shaft as she is only able to get the first 5 or 6 inches in her mouth. 

After dancing all night and being in a state of arousal and being horny, Violet unloads her huge load of cum all over Samantha giving her a massive facial. Samantha catches a final huge spurt of semen in her mouth and swallows the thick rich batter. 
  I do believe Violet was offered a job at Senderland Studios. 

*This is the first set I did using Reality 4 plug in for Luxrender. I found Reality 4 strange to use at first. The UI was so different from Reality 2. As I use it more it is becoming easier to work in and I find it handles the work much better and I will be using it full time. I also am trying some different lighting and rendering settings. I am learning and I think I found a better way of doing things. I hope it pans out. 
  I was unable to use this set in the past due to lighting issues, but now in Reality 4 it is looking better. These shots are more test renders than not, but I ran with them anyway because they do look pretty good. There are a few mistakes in them but I hope it doesn't distract from them. 
  Let me know what you think of them, Leave a comment or drop me an email. 

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