Saturday, January 10, 2015

Reply to a comment

Hey all,
  I received a comment about dickgirls from my last post. While his comment was perfectly nice, I thought I'd better define the difference between dickgirls AKA Futanari and shemales. Shemales are born males and are transgendered becoming females. Thier bodies produce Testosterone and becomes males at puberty. Dickgirls are born females with male genitalia, granted it would seem they would be males and most are raised boy til puberty. Dickgirls produce estrogen at puberty and naturally develop breasts and don't have body hair except for the normal places. They are differently females but with a unusual condition.
  It is a fine distinction between them but they shouldn't be refereed as shemales cause they weren't males. I personally am not into shemales either. It's a fine line for those of us who enjoy this sort of genre. I'm a straight male and the majority of the men who like this category are heterosexual.  
  Everyone is different as to what they like and don't that's perfectly fine. Thanks for the comment, I do like feedback from the viewers.

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