Monday, July 21, 2014

Spa Time: In The Sauna 6

Kahlan lowers herself onto Carly's protruding pole, feeling it slide in so easily. 

Within moments, Kahlan begins to give in to her desires and she finds herself succumbing to repeated orgasms. 

Carly wraps her arms around Kahlan and looks into her eyes. Carly can feel Kahlan orgasm repeatedly in only a few minutes. The feeling of a pulsing quivering pussy from this incredible girl sends Carly to the edge. 

"oh Gawd! I'm cumming! Slip off K" groans Carly. "I'm cumming again Carly, Don't stop! Let's cum together!" pants Kahlan as she becomes one with Carly, feeling her ejaculate inside her as she moans in Ecstasy. Kahlan herself gets washed over with her third orgasm made stronger as Carly's baby batter fills her vagina. 

(The cum shot came out so fucked up. Sorry about that, It didn't work out as planned.)

Carly feels incredible torn as they stand together in the heat and sweat. Kahlan feeling semen running down her inner thigh as they kiss and she reassures Carly that she wanted it inside her. 
" You laid claimed to my pussy Carly! It's yours now. I'm yours now." announced Kahlan. 
Carly's mind races as they hold each other. She can't believe she came so quickly for starter's. Kahlan's body is just too hot and her pussy was the tightest and it just caressed her shaft like no others have. 
"Let's grab a shower and get cleaned up" suggests Carly. What the fuck am I going to do? she thinks.

End of Part 1


  1. Uh oh, trouble. I'm not sure if I asked this already, but is Carly infertile? Anyway her girlfriend probably won't be happy about this..

    1. Carly is quite capable of reproduction. Kahlan's taking a big risk by not having jumping clear at the last moment and letting Carly ejaculate inside. I'm sure Carly's hopeing Lily doesn't find out.