Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Spa Time: In The Sauna 4

As the heat rises in the sauna, so does Carly's arousal. All Kahlan has to do is run a single finger along the shaft lightly and the 14 inch meat stick comes alive. Carly has never gotten so hard so fast with no actual physical stimulation before. 

Kahlan knows now that Carly wants her as bad as she wants Carly. She grips Carly's rock hard shaft and slowly strokes her. Kahlan's actions are slow and methodical as to arouse Carly completely, mentally and physically. 
At this point Carly has never been so fucking hard before. Her penis aches as it tries to grow even harder. The slow actions by Kahlan seem to bring her excitement level to new heights. 

More to come...

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