Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Samantha's Sister Kahlan poses for us

Kahlan Justine Amnell

Name: Kahlan Justine Amnell
Age: 21
Occupation: Bartender, Aspiring Model
Sexual Preference: Straight
Bio: Kahlan is related to our very own Samantha Woods. Kahlan is her younger sister. Kahlan was always the one for chasing the boys. After Samantha married and moved away she was still in her growing phase. She had yet to develop into the stunning girl we see now. 
  Samantha invited Kahlan to come live with her. Kahlan eagerly accepted wanting to move out of her parents house and get on her own. Kahlan took a job at the local bikini bar as a bartender. She makes the most tips out of all the waitresses each night. 
 Kahlan loves to flirt and have a great time with the men. She has become very popular in the short time she has been there. Kahlan has yet to become involed with any men here. The economy in the area has been on the rise for almost a year now. There is plenty of disposable income to be had at the bar. Kahlan is saving quite a bit of money to get her own place. 

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