Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Trip to the Dean's Office 1

A Trip to the Dean's Office
"Ok Girls, This is the fifth time you have been sent in here to see me this semester and it's only the second month! You girls are becoming a handful to manage. My God Becky, your nipples are showing! " Noted Dean Feldman. "I know it's an all girls school and we are very lenient on the choise of your school uniform style. 
 We don't mind girls not wearing bras or even panties, but your top is pushing the limits. Your young perky tits are nearly completely exposed. We allow the juniors and seniors to express their individual tastes while the underclassmen have to wear the white tops. Please don't make us regret that policy. 
 As to why your here, it seems you were caught again doing lewd acts with the underclassmen again. You two have to control your sexual urges! You can't seduce the younger girls into threesomes. Now what can you two do to keep me from expelling the both of you?"
 Both girls actually fear for their future here for the first time. They usually just blow off the threats as just threats. This time it's different. They heard from a lower classmen working in the front office that Dean Feldman was talking to another school in the possiblities of transfering the girls. They like it here, they have found a family here. This time they are actually scared. 
 Bonnie can't help but admire Mrs. Feldman's huge bust. She knows those are the biggest breasts in the academy. She can't help but wonder if they are natural or implants. The rumors around school is they are all real. She is amazed at thier firmness. Mrs. Feldman has a daughter attending the academy too. Even after a child they are still that perfect. Shit her mind wanders to the same place that gets them in trouble. 
 Did she just ask us if there is ANYTHING we can do to keep her from expelling us? Oh gawd No! I can't...We Can't...Can we? Is that what she ment? Can she possibly want my sister's cock? 
 With little thought, Bonnie slips in behind Mrs. Feldman as she reprimanded Becky. Bonnie slide her arms around the Dean and began kissing her neck so slowly. One hand slipping around to cup one of those magnifianct mammories. Oh Gawd yes! they are so real. The other hand casually lifts Stacy's hand up and places it on her sisters breast after she lifted her top.
 Stacy moans and doesn't resist other than some weak protests. Feeling those lips on her neck is her weak spot. Feeling those young firm tits of Becky's turns her on. Being felt up as well makes her own nipples hard. She knows this is wrong but she wants this. She had secretly hoped for this. Giving the girls the opening she had preyed they'd take and they did.
More to come....

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